Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against George Huguely V In Yeardley Love Murder Goes Forward, Despite Motion

A judge in Charlottesville, Virginia, has denied a motion to delay the wrongful death lawsuit against George Huguely V in the murder of UVA student Yeardley Love. The Virginia case will now go forward, despite Sharon Love, Yeardley’s mother’s motion to extend the suspension of the $29.45 million wrongful death lawsuit. The judge denied Love’s request, and scheduled the trial for March 2017. George Huguely V is serving 23 years for the beating death of his former girlfriend, Yeardley Love.

Domestic violence is sadly not out of the ordinary these days according to a previous report by the Inquisitr. George Huguely was convicted of second degree murder in the death of his ex girlfriend who he allegedly threw up against a wall after forcing his way into her apartment. He also grabbed her laptop on his way out to hide evidence of harassment. Former NFL star Terry Bradshaw took a stand against domestic violence, and called out those like Greg Hardy who admit they have beaten their significant other. Bradshaw believes that there should be no place in the NFL for known abusers.

It seems the hold-up in the Charlottesville case is a case in the state of Maryland against the Huguely family. The Charlottesville judge was waiting for the outcome of the Maryland case (both Love and Huguely are from Maryland, and it is where their families reside) before launching the Virginia case. But according to NBC29, the judge has scheduled the Virginia trial for March 2017, with or without a Maryland verdict.


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It seems that in the Maryland case, the Love family’s stand is that the death of Yeardley Love was unintentional, while it is thought that a different tack will be taken in the Charlottesville court. The Huguely family wants the Love family’s statements about unintentional death to be binding, according to Matthew Green, George Huguely’s attorney.

“It’s been the first time Sharon Love has had to take a legal position about what happened in her daughter’s bedroom, Yeardley’s bedroom. She’s alleged a number of facts that we agree with fully. Those facts are that this was a complete accident.”

Irv Cantor, a lawyer for the Love family, said that they are still hopeful that the Maryland case will wrap up before March 2017.

“We’re going to seek information from federal court in Maryland to see when the expected ruling will be, and with that updated information we can provide that to the court here.”

George Huguely became the poster boy for an entitled athlete for whom the normal rules don’t apply. Huguely was known to be a heavy drinker who had reportedly been physical with former girlfriend Yeardley Love before the night he allegedly killed her in her apartment. Now, the One Love Foundation, named for Yeardley Love, is reaching out and educating a group that desperately needs a wake-up call, and that is the NFL, says the New York Daily News.

With so many headlines about the NFL that include domestic violence, or violence against women, the One Love Foundation explored ways to partner with the league, said One Love CEO Katie Hood.

“It took us a while to be heard.”

The relationship with the NFL started with Yeardley Love’s hometown team, the Baltimore Ravens, who found themselves in the middle of a domestic violence crisis with the Ray Rice case. The Ravens stepped up, and team owner Stephen Bisciotti made a $400,000 donation to One Love in December, 2014. Since then, One Love has not only continued to work with Roger Goodell and league executives, but the foundation now works with several NFL teams.

Hood explains that this is not just a football problem, as George Huguely and Yeardley Love were both lacrosse players for the University of Virginia.

“The NFL has been a great amplifier of our work and the movement we’re trying to build, and specific teams have stepped up to support our work in their communities. You can’t underestimate the role that partnerships like these can play in raising the visibility of our movement and mission. This is not just a football problem or a sports problem, but it has been awesome to see how teams and institutions like the NFL can step forward and amplify our approach. Two years ago, no one really knew who we were. Now we’ve educated 65,000 kids in under two years, a number that increases every day. Their validation, introductions and exposure has been critical to making that happen.”

There is no funding of One Love from the NFL per se, but many individuals throughout the league have made donations, like the owner of the Baltimore Ravens. One Love is committed to education across the board, which they say starts with young people.

Do you think that the Love family will receive a wrongful death settlement?

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