November 9, 2015
Despite Greg Hardy's Abuse Photos, American Airlines Will Stick With The Cowboys

Questions keep swirling around in reference to Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, and the lack of punishment for Greg Hardy who has been convicted of beating his girlfriend within inches of her life. Jones alleges he only recently saw the photos taken after the beating, but he certainly could have seem them sooner if he had wanted to, and it obviously wasn't a priority. Now, one of the main sponsors, American Airlines, has decided to stick with the Cowboys despite also having access to the details of the assault and the photos. Many fans and proponents of domestic violence organizations believe this is a bad choice and are willing to vote with their wallets, as they believe that Greg Hardy is a revolting criminal.

The Inquisitr published an opinion piece, where Terry Bradshaw stated that if he was in charge of the Dallas Cowboys, Greg Hardy would not have a job after he was arrested and convicted of beating a woman. He also called out Jerry Jones as an enabler and as a team that provides a safe place to abuse women. Bradshaw was clear that the NFL doesn't have a woman problem, they have a man problem, and this type of vicious behavior should not be tolerated by anyone. There should be a zero tolerance towards criminal behavior of any kind, and it's ironic that if a player was terrible, Jones wouldn't be offering them a "second chance."

The Huffington Post reported that ESPN is now calling out Greg Hardy, the Cowboys, and American Airlines as supporting this kind of offensive behavior. Reporter Wendi Nix made a strong statement on ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown about what she thought of Hardy, Jones, the Cowboys and the sponsors, including American Airlines.

"Even Greg Hardy's not stupid enough to turn down the kind of opportunity he got from the Dallas Cowboys," she said, adding "I couldn't expect him to. I'm an unapologetic capitalist. I believe in big business and I am sure as hell in favor of profits," she said. "But at the end of the day, when economic principles can't be applied with even the smallest measure of social responsibility, there's one effective solution, and that's to let the dollars vote."

Nix named American Airlines, AT&T, and Miller Brewing Company, three of the team's major sponsors, who will all be held accountable by those who have an opinion.

"Jerry Jones has made his choice," Nix said. "Now let's make ours."

According to TMZ, Greg Hardy was convicted in a bench trial for his violence against his girlfriend, Holder.
"Critics of the Cowboys are calling for sponsors to pull out -- hoping to put pressure on Dallas to fire Hardy after photos surfaced which appear to show the brutal injuries he inflicted on his ex-girlfriend."
But American Airlines has decided to stick with their Cowboys, a move that could cost the airline in the long run, as 50 percent of their customers are women and far less are Cowboys fans.
"We have a huge employee and customer base in Dallas/Fort Worth and we partner with the Cowboys on several community projects throughout the year. As part of our initiatives to improve the communities we serve, we partner with several organizations that support and protect victims of domestic violence."
Sources for TMZ are reporting though, that American Airlines privately had great concerns about their name being connected to an abuser like Greg Hardy, who to most seems unrepentant. They did not seem to want to blow up such a big deal over just one creep like Greg Hardy.
At the end of the day, Terry Bradshaw is right, and as fans, we need to vote with our feet and our wallet, which Jerry Jones might finally understand.

Do you think American Airlines will lose business because of Greg Hardy, and if it was your team, would Greg Hardy be fired?

[Photo courtesy of AP]