Why All Women — And Men — Should Love Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw is mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore! Last Sunday, Terry Bradshaw put his foot down, and told the world that the NFL is not a place for men who put their hands on women in anger. On the Fox pregame show, Bradshaw took the bold position of shaming the NFL into drawing a line in the sand about players who beat up their wives and girlfriends. Without any consideration of the possible repercussions, Bradshaw named names and and shamed those who commit these crimes, and the others who wink and nod about the inhumane behavior and believe that boys will be boys.

The Washington Post believes that Bradshaw did more than any court or commissioner could ever do, by embarrassing those who think that beating women is okay.

“Bradshaw gets what so many around the league don’t: that the NFL doesn’t have a woman problem, it has a man problem, and it’s going to take famous men shunning other men to change it.”

Bravo, Bradshaw, bravo.

The Washington Post believes that Bradshaw did more for this cause than any other effort thus far by especially tearing into Greg Hardy, whose beating of his significant other was nothing less than brutal. Bradshaw blatantly shamed him, while women at home cheered. Hardy was finally busted.

“Most athletes, we’re the good ol’ boys, part of the good-ol’-boy fraternity, and we take care of our brothers and we cover up the bad habit, and the bad play,” Bradshaw said in a phone interview, when asked what made him take the subject on. “We want them to be our friend, and we want the owner and the coach to like us, and therefore we’re not doing our job.”

Bradshaw’s co-commentators sat in stunned, awkward silence, which spoke louder than anything. Shame on you, boys.

And this was not a one-off for Bradshaw, who holds these beliefs every day of the week. Bradshaw walks the walk, according to SB Nation. It seems that years ago, Bradshaw called out the Steelers and alleged rapist Ben Roethlisberger, who has paid out civil suits filed by the women he has harmed, the largest civil suit was largely to cover medical bills. After the Steelers QB got in trouble for the second time for sexual violence, Bradshaw came out and stated that he thought it was past time that they dumped him from their program.

“I’ve told everyone I wasn’t happy when the commissioner reduced your suspension from six games to four games. I wouldn’t have done that. I don’t know that you’ve proven to the NFL that you’re on the right path, but I hope so. But for years you acted recklessly, you hung out in college bars, you disrespected women. The Steelers got rid of Super Bowl hero Santonio Holmes for failing a substance abuse test, but they should have dumped you, because what you did, in my eyes, was a lot worse.”

Wow. And if that wasn’t clear enough, Bradshaw clarified how disappointed he is in the Steelers and in Roethlisberger as a man.

“If I had owned the Steelers, hear me loud and clear, he would not be a Steeler. I would’ve gotten rid of him. What he did, in my eyes, is absolutely unacceptable.”

But are you hearing Mr. Bradshaw, NFL and Mr. Commissioner? Probably not, but hopefully, Terry Bradshaw isn’t done, and perhaps at least Michael Strahan heard him, and will espouse an opinion some time soon.

The Huffington Post says that Bradshaw is sick of players who get a pass for revolting behavior, and equally disgusted by enablers like Cowboys coach Jerry Jones who continue to turn a blind eye towards criminals like Greg Hardy.

“I really, really seriously hope, eventually, we never have a place in the NFL for people who… strike a woman,” Bradshaw said as his co-hosts sat in silence.

Bradshaw hopes that the NFL begins to hit these men in a place that they actually understand, and that is their wallets. Slaps on the wrist from the judicial system and the NFL have to stop, and so does the violence against women.

Do you agree with Terry Bradshaw? Do you think these violent offenders should be thrown out of the NFL and professional sports in general?

[Photo courtesy of Fox Sports]