Future Sex Tape Leaks: Video Allegedly Shows Rapper In Hotel Room Bed With Unidentified Woman

Rapper Future may have a sex tape problem on his hands, with footage hitting the internet that allegedly shows him in hotel room bed with a woman identified as a stripper.

The video has been making the rounds on social media and reportedly shows Future and the unidentified woman in the hotel room after their encounter. While it has generated quite a bit of interest, the alleged sex tape of the rapper Future has not broken through to larger celebrity media.

One of the few reports came from the Nigerian entertainment website Look Naija, which takes a strong focus on American celebrities, especially athletes and rappers.

"A video and images of rapper Future and a female companion were just leaked. And the videos show Future and the woman immediately after having relations," the report noted.

The report noted that the woman could be heard asking "Where's your kid?" to Future, which the report took to mean that his son could have been somewhere in the hotel room with them.

The video and image from the alleged Future sex tape was watermarked by the gossip site Fameolous, though it was not clear if that was the source of the video or if it had been posted somewhere else. Reports indicated that it was uploaded by the woman who filmed it, but there was nothing to confirm this report.

There could be plenty of reason to doubt the veracity of the alleged Future sex tape. For one, the video never clearly identifies either person who is heard speaking, and so far the video has been making the rounds mostly among the fringe of celebrity gossip sites.

There have also been a number of other instances where reports of a sex tape turned out to be false, or misidentified the celebrity who allegedly appeared. That was the case last year, when a real sex tape of Instagram star Lira Galore had a case of mistaken identity with her co-star, who was initially reported to be NBA player Lance Stephenson, but was later confirmed to be someone else.

And the news of Future's alleged sex tape comes just as the rapper is getting some spotlight for a collaboration with Chance the Rapper that Chance had previewed at a recent show.

So while reports of Future's sex tape are spreading across social media, there appears to be no evidence yet to prove it is anything more than a rumor.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella]