June 18, 2017
Former TNA Champion, NFL Draft Pick, And Hip-Hop Artist Among 40 Getting Tryouts At WWE Performance Center

Some may think that WWE has a completely full roster when split up amongst Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live, and NXT, but there is always room for more. In the past week, head coach Matt Bloom brought in 40 men and women from different walks of life, who are looking to make it to the highest level of competition and become a WWE superstar. Among the 40 people was a former TNA Impact star, a hip-hop artist, a former NFL sixth-round pick, and even a model.

Head coach Matt Bloom, formerly known as Albert/Tensai in WWE, and his staff of coaches welcomed in the prospects for a three-day camp this past week. They were all at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, hoping to make it up the ladder one day to appear in NXT or WWE.

The official website of WWE reported that there were recruits from the United States and all around the world. In addition to those with wrestling backgrounds, there were people from all walks of life trying out, and hopefuls from New Zealand, Canada, America Samoa, and Germany.

Now, Vince McMahon and Triple H definitely love to have those with veteran wrestling backgrounds coming in for tryouts, and they did get some of what they hoped for.

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[Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]

One of those who had a tryout at the Performance Center is Steve Scot,t who fans of TNA Impact Wrestling know better as "Crazzy Steve". He is a former TNA Tag Team Champion and there have been rumors of him heading to WWE for months, and it appears as if he's finally on his way.

Steve's trainer this week was none other than NXT's Eric Young, who is another former TNA wrestler.

Another former TNA superstar who appeared at the tryout is Cody Deaner. Believe it or not, Deaner actually wrestled a match against Kurt Angle on SmackDown! back in 2004, but he never did much of anything else in WWE.

wwe news tna impact wrestling crazzy steve performance center nfl hip-hop
[Image by WWE]

Morgan and Christopher Hill, two brothers and former football players who ventured into being fitness models from Las Vegas also tried out. Briana Brandy is a hip-hop artist who also trains in MMA and CrossFit with hopes of becoming a WWE superstar one day.

There was even a former sixth-round draft pick of the Indianapolis Colts who attended the tryout at the Performance Center. Amarlo Herrera played his college ball at the University of Georgia and he's hoping to continue his action-packed career in the ring.

Check out the full list of all 40 prospects who attended the tryout and keep an eye out for who you may see in NXT or WWE in the future.

Out of the 40 superstars who tried out this week at the WWE Performance Center, the odds are that maybe 5-10 percent of them will get contracts. Some may make it to NXT and a couple of the prospects may actually hit the WWE main roster one day, but that's exactly what a tryout is for. Crazzy Steve and some of the others with wrestling experience may have the jump on others, but never underestimate who Triple H and Vince McMahon may be looking to bring in.

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