President Obama And Mitt Romney Get More Aggressive As Second Debate Looms

President Obama’s campaign managers were all over the Sunday news shows promising that their candidate would be much more aggressive in going after challenger Mitt Romney when the two meet on Tuesday for the second Presidential debate. Mitt Romney was overwhelmingly seen as the winner of the first debate, largely due to what viewers saw as his willingness to aggressively challenge President Obama on his record.

President Obama has found himself facing a large amount of criticism for his lackluster performance in the last debate, and the polls are reflecting the voter’s unhappiness with him for it. After months of President Obama gaining support and outpacing Mitt Romney in the polls, Romney has pulled even with him nationally and in many of the all important swing states.

The Romney campaign has decided to start becoming more aggressive itself. Since the summer, the Obama campaign has hammered Romney with millions of dollars worth of ads attacking him on everything from Romney’s past business as a venture capitalist to his support for tax cuts. Romney, on the other hand, has been much more reserved, timidly answering the ads when he did ads of his own but largely ignoring them.

Now Romney’s strategy has become more apparent. While the President was spending tremendous amounts of cash on his ads all summer, Romney was hoarding all his money for now. Democratic strategists say that Romney and affiliated groups are going to spend more than $18 million dollars more than Obama trying to drive home his message.

Do you think that President Obama or Mitt Romney will gain in the polls from getting more aggressive this month?