Rigged Election Controversy: Dear President Obama, Americans Are Not As Stupid As You May Think

Dear President Obama, this rigged election controversy is getting out of hand, and you're definitely not helping matters. Just a few days ago, you lambasted Donald Trump for his claims that the election is rigged. You told him to "stop whining." Then, while campaigning for your party's presidential nominee on Thursday in Miami, Florida, you spoke lies to a crowd of people, as well as the Americans tuning in via television or internet who, even after eight years of your disastrous presidency, still fancy you.

You said that Trump's accusations of a rigged election come "without a shred of evidence," when you know very well this is a false statement. You told the audience, "This is more than just the usual standard lie," and you would know about that, wouldn't you Mr. President? If anyone knows anything about lying, it's you and the woman running to take your place. A woman whom, even though you despise, you also support.

You must think so very much of your supporters, as you lie to and mislead them at every chance. You think you're getting away with it, and in a way you absolutely are. However, there are many Americans who are screaming to be heard. There are many of us who want you to know that you don't fool us. Not one bit.

I know that you know about the recently released Project Veritas videos, which are dedicated to proving the reality of a rigged election, and how they do just that by exposing the inner corruption of the DNC. The first one takes us on a wild ride for sure, wouldn't you agree? It uncovers a line of payments that begin at the very top with Hillary Clinton, and end up in the hands of civilian agitators, whose jobs are to incite violence at Donald Trump rallies in order to make the American public believe Trump supporters are nothing but blood-thirsty, hateful scum, just like their preferred candidate.

I'm confused here, Mr. Obama. Why wouldn't you categorize this type of carefully crafted activity as a form of election fraud? Is it not a planned, strategic attempt to persuade the national electorate into believing a lie, thus driving them to favor Secretary Clinton?

What about the second Project Veritas video? In case you already forgot, it's the one in which an undercover journalist learns that the Democratic National Committee is actively partaking in voter fraud, a key ingredient for any rigged election. Not only that, but apparently the Democrats, your party, have been participating in voter fraud for decades!

Does this also not constitute a "shred of evidence" of a rigged election? If so, I'd love to know what your definition of "evidence" is.

The good news is that Americans are waking up. We know the mainstream media is on your side and that they're not reporting the findings of Project Veritas, nor are they publicizing the vast majority of WikiLeaks bombshells, to the general public.

We know, through WikiLeaks emails, that the Clinton campaign has been colluding with several media outlets, including CNN, MSNBC, Politico, the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, and many other television networks and journalistic publications. Therefore, it's no surprise Hillary has the endorsements of all but a minuscule few media outlets. It's not because she deserves their blessings, but rather because, well, they really have no choice in the matter.

Here's another juicy bit of information you may or may not have heard about. Apparently, the mainstream press planned on reporting on the Project Veritas videos, but they backed out at the last minute for fear of retribution from a future President Hillary Clinton, according to the mastermind behind the videos, James O'Keefe.

Now I admit just because the press is afraid of Hillary doesn't necessarily prove a rigged election, but it does carry with it quite the statement. If those in the media are frightened to report a negative story about Mrs. Clinton, then all we're going to hear from them about her are good things. This, I must say, says something about the talent of journalists in this country. The fact that they're able to make such a horrifically vile individual look in any way decent is as impressive as it is mind-boggling.

I just want you to know, Mr. President, that not all Americans are buying what you're selling. You may think you're smarter than us and that we're easy to manipulate and brainwash, but we're really not. You underestimate the very people whom you're suppose to hold up, and worst of all, your disrespect of us has no bounds.

A rigged election is a very real possibility. Donald Trump is not crazy for bringing it up. President Obama thinks Americans are stupid and that's why he lies to us time and time again. Let's prove to him that we're much smarter than he has ever given us credit for.

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