Chase Miller: Heroic Texas Cop Used CPR To Save 3-Year-Old Boy’s Life [Video]

Thanks to Granbury, Texas, police officer Chase Miller, a 3-year-old boy has cheated death, surviving a serious seizure after the officer performed CPR on the young child. And with the dash-cam video of the heroic act going viral, Miller has just gotten honored by Granbury officials, with the boy and his parents among those gathered in attendance.

According to a report from ABC News, the dramatic incident took place on October 12, when a father placed a 911 call from a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Granbury. The man’s 3-year-old son had stopped breathing, and the emergency dispatcher had quickly sent off paramedics to the scene, hoping to save the boy’s life. Fortunately, Officer Chase Miler wasn’t far away from the scene and arrived mere minutes later, where he encountered the boy’s distraught mother carrying her unresponsive child.

A separate report from the Washington Post stated that Miller was coincidentally listening to the EMS dispatcher radio when the call came in. He then drove to the KFC, which was just minutes away from where he was.

The husband and wife in the video were identified by Granbury Deputy Chief Jim Marshall as John Geis and Bethany Hoover, both 21-years-old and parents to 3-year-old Brayden Geis. According to Hoover, Brayden had been suffering from a cold and had gone down with a febrile seizure and high fever as a result of his condition.

The ABC News report further quotes Hoover, who said that Brayden seemed normal at first but had suddenly started to cry. She gave him ibuprofen in hopes of making his fever go down but had taken the child outside after noticing how high his fever was. Brayden’s arm then went limp, and his father John called 911 when he and his wife noticed that their child was having a seizure.

According to statements from Granbury police, Chase Miller performed CPR after arriving at the KFC, with John helping out as he went to get a breathing mask. It took two minutes for the heroic cop to revive young Brayden, who then received treatment from the town’s Volunteer Fire Department and was sent to Lake Granbury Medical Center. Police officials also released prepared comments to the press, confirming that Brayden Geis is now in stable condition after the unexpected event.

“The child is now doing fine and is recovering with his family.”

In recognition of his quick response and efforts to save a young child’s life, Chase Miller received the Life Saving Award from the Granbury City Council on Tuesday night. He was also introduced to the boy’s parents and to Brayden himself, who received a toy police dog named Chase, seemingly named after the heroic cop himself, but actually a character from Nickelodeon kiddie show Paw Patrol.

Apart from the awarding ceremony held by the City Council, Granbury police also took the time to recognize Miller and commend him for his actions.

“(Chase Miller) responded exactly like we would hope an officer would respond,” said Jim Marshall, the city’s Deputy Police Chief. “He was calm, and I truly believe that his calm demeanor helped stabilize the parents a little bit. At one point, he needed the father to take over chest compressions while he returned to his patrol vehicle.”

Meanwhile, Brayden Geis appears to be back to normal, having survived what could have been a brush with death. In an interview with ABC News, Bethany Hoover said that her son was “acting like nothing had happened” the day after his seizure, but he still had a fever as of that time. Brayden and his parents had also taken some time to visit the police department on Wednesday, once again thanking Chase Miller for saving the boy’s life.

“Our son is the world to us,” Hoover told ABC News. “That’s our world. That’s our life.”

[Featured Image by Granbury Police Department]