Trump’s ‘Nasty Woman, Bad Hombres, Bigly, Aeroplane’ — And Hillary’s White Pantsuit — Get Buzz [Video]

Donald Trump has a unique way of speaking, and Trump’s words and phrases brought plenty of buzz during the third and final debate between Hillary Clinton and the Republican presidential nominee. Trump answered questions during the presidential debate at UNLV in Las Vegas on Wednesday, October 19, and some of those answers involved words and phrases that became trending topics on social media.

As seen in the following video, Trump called Hillary “such a nasty woman” during one seemingly innocuous answer that Clinton gave about taxes and the rich. With Trump calling Hillary a nasty woman, it didn’t go over well with folks who didn’t take kindly to Trump saying no one respects women more than Trump but watched Trump turn around and call Hillary a nasty woman.

As seen on Twitter about the “nasty woman” comment, folks are joking about “nasty woman” being slang for a more qualified presidential candidate. The hashtag on Twitter already features people selling T-shirts with the #NastyWoman comment being turned on its head to mean something other than the insulting jab Trump lobbed at Hillary.

Another “Trump-ism” getting plenty of buzz online is the word “bigly,” currently trending on Twitter in capital letters. While the jury is out over whether or not Trump continues to say “big league” or “bigly,” what’s most surprising to plenty of people is that “bigly” is an actual word.

Trump’s use of the word “bigly” made it a top trending search term on Google, as reported by Business Insider‎, with the publication calling “bigly” one of Trump’s favorite words.

According to the Free Dictionary, the word “bigly” is an archaic adjective meaning “comfortably habitable” — and “bigly” isn’t the only archaic word that Trump might employ.


Trump tends to pronounce the word “airplane” as “aeroplane,” giving the word three syllables.

According to the Grammarist, “aeroplane” means the same as “airplane,” but it might sound old-fashioned to folks in the U.S. and Canada.

“Aeroplane and airplane are different forms of the same word. Airplane is preferred in American and Canadian English, while aeroplane is traditionally preferred in non-North American varieties of English. But airplane has been steadily gaining ground in British publications, and it may someday become standard. Meanwhile, aeroplane is almost completely absent from American and Canadian publications, and to North Americans it may have an old-fashioned ring.”

Another phrase from Trump that got plenty of buzz online, as seen in the below video, featured Trump talking about the “bad hombres” in the country that Trump wanted to kick out.

The racial overtones of Trump using terminology like “bad hombres” prompted folks to begin creating all sorts of memes, joking that Bad Hombres could be the name of a new movie or the name of an album that contained songs such as “Nasty Woman,” “Bigly,” and other Trump euphemisms.

Trump was speaking about his plans to build a huge wall when the “bad hombres” term was used.

Beyond Trump’s wacky words, Hillary’s white pantsuit got plenty of buzz online, too. Whereas some people on social media joked that it was bold of Clinton to wear white after Labor Day, others quipped that Hillary was channeling Tupac Shakur by wearing white.


The fact that “Little Haiti in Florida” was mentioned by Trump is also getting roundly trounced online. People are making sure that others know “Little Haiti in Florida” isn’t the same as Haiti.

“Ok I have to go back to that statement. Saying I went to Little Haiti in Florida is like saying I can see Russia from my house.”

Perhaps the biggest shock from Trump came when Trump declared he might not accept the results of the election on November 8, as reported by People in the following tweet.

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