Italian Woman Kills 8-Year-Old Son After He Discovers Her Affair With His Grandfather

In an effort to stop her son from sharing the knowledge of her affair with her father-in-law, an Italian woman did the unthinkable two years ago and ended her child’s all-too-short life.

Sicily native Veronica Panarello, 28, was sentenced to 30 years in jail earlier this week for the November 2014 murder of her eight-year-old son, Loris Stival, as reported by Metro and Mirror Online.

According to the shocking reports, the now-imprisoned mother originally told investigators that Loris had been abducted at his school at some point after dropping him off on that fateful date in an attempt to cover her tracks. However, footage from nearby security cameras eventually uncovered that Stival was not in class, nor near the area of the school that day, which, in turn, pointed law enforcement back in the direction of Panarello.

Loris’ lifeless body was eventually discovered by a hunter in an area near the town of Santa Croce, where he and his family resided. An autopsy on his young corpse uncovered a massive wound to his head, as well as other bruises around his neck and body.

During an earlier court hearing on the matter, Panarello ultimately admitted that she had strangled her child with electrical cords and tossed his body into a gully after he had somehow realized that she was having an affair with her husband’s father, Andrea Stival. At this time, it is unknown just how the young boy found out about the scandalous behavior that his mother and grandfather were involved in.

Prosecutors in the case branded Panarello as an “egocentric, manipulative liar” who would do anything to keep her secret safe. Following the gruesome act, her controversial sexual partner also sided with that judgment after being noted by her as having a hand in his grandchild’s death, which is something he vehemently denies.

“It is just another lie of that crazy woman,” he supposedly stated on the stand, according to the Daily Mail. “That accusation is something completely out of this world. I went mad for my grandson, my little angel.”

In retaliation, Stival is said to be planning a lawsuit against Panarello for slander. Nonetheless, several reports in Italian media are claiming that he is still being treated as a possible accomplice in little Loris’ death.

“[There is now] a need for peace and justice,” Mr. Stival added. “My stomach [was] turned upside down [by her] downgrading a grandfather’s love.”

Additionally, Panarello’s husband, who is Andrea Stival’s son, is said to be filing for divorce from his unfaithful wife.

In related news, a man from Gloucester, MA. stands accused of the death of his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter after he allowed her to succumb to injuries she suffered from an alleged vicious sexual assault that he carried out.

The Asbury Park Press is reporting that 22-year-old Michael Disporto Jr. of Manahawkin faces charges of murder and aggravated sexual assault following the passing of the child, Ariana, in July of this year. The girl’s mother, 26-year-old Amber Bobo, was also handed a charge of child endangerment by a grand jury in the case earlier this month, which has just been made public by court officials.

According to the report, Bobo initially noticed bruising on the child’s body while at home and attempted to have her admitted to a hospital. However, she allowed Disporto to brush off her concerns for seven hours before finally transporting her to nearby Cooper University Hospital, where she died shortly thereafter.

A GoFundMe page in the baby’s memory ultimately raised more than $12,000 for her funeral proceedings.

“Her smile could light the grayest [skies],” it partially reads. “She was so loved and will be deeply missed.”

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