July 1, 2017
Andre Iguodala Contract Offer From Rockets, Golden State Warriors To Lose Veteran?

An Andre Iguodala contract offer has been made by the Houston Rockets. These NBA rumors may indicate that the Golden State Warriors are very close to losing Iguodala in free agency. A report by ESPN just stated that a meeting between Iguodala and the Rockets was "excellent" and that he left with an official contract offer.

This is big news for the Rockets, as the team continues to look for talent to put on the court with Chris Paul and James Harden. After acquiring Paul from the Los Angeles Clippers, a number of roster spots have to be filled with role players. In order to complete the deal with the Clippers, the Rockets gave up Patrick Beverley, Sam Dekker, and Lou Williams. That's why an Andre Iguodala contract offer makes sense, as he could offer value on offense and defense for the Rockets.

The early reports on this meeting between Iguodala and the Houston Rockets don't indicate what the team offered the free agent, but it would need to be a respectable contract to convince him to move on from the Golden State Warriors. Iguodala already took a huge pay cut to play for the Warriors and chase after NBA titles, which turned out to be a very successful venture that ended with two rings. Could he help the Rockets compete against the Warriors now?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Houston Rockets have been pretty busy since the NBA offseason began, with the team currently in negotiations to complete a Carmelo Anthony trade with the New York Knicks. Could the Rockets find a way to add Iguodala and Anthony this offseason? Having Anthony as the starting small forward and Iguodala coming off the bench could certainly make the roster look a lot better. The team would still need to add some size, though, possibly looking to sign veteran big men at a discount.Another piece of news has just come out that states Iguodala has canceled his additional free agent meetings with teams like the San Antonio Spurs. This might indicate that he has made up his mind already and that he is ready to move on from his time with the Golden State Warriors. That would be huge for the Houston Rockets, confirming that the Andre Iguodala contract offer not only took place but that the veteran was pleased enough with the deal that he is ready to sign.

[Featured Image by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]