Naked Statue of Hillary Clinton Erected In New York City’s Financial District

A crude sculpture of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton made its debut in downtown Manhattan Tuesday morning to the delight of art lovers and the annoyance of the Oval Office hopeful’s followers.

The Clinton statue, which the New York Daily News says was erected near the Bowling Green train station in the Financial District, displayed the 68-year-old with her breasts and underwear exposed, while a Wall Street banker puckers his lips at her right nipple. Additionally, the feet of the caricature were hoofed, much like that of a bull or a goat. Onlookers unsurprisingly took several snaps of the art piece, which in turn, were then shared on social media.

As per Inquisitr guidelines, images of the NSFW Clinton statue cannot be directly displayed uncensored, but it can be seen here (please use discretion before clicking the link).

According to the report, the figure stood for about three hours without incident, before a woman who worked at the nearby National Museum of the American Indian decided to take matters into her own hands. While the growing crowd continued to film and take pictures of the Clinton statue, the staff worker, who referred to herself solely as “Nancy,” toppled the art piece down and began screaming at its creator, 27-year-old Anthony Scioli, who stood nearby.

Just as with the images, video of the confrontation ultimately made its way online (it can be seen here and is also NSFW).

hillary clinton statue

“You better get away,” she purportedly stated to Scioli, before being joined by a woman in a hijab who kicked and stomped on the effigy. “This is obscene!”

At one point, “Nancy” is confronted by a male passerby, who angrily tells her that the sculptor of the Clinton statue has the right to freely share his standpoint through “freedom of speech.”

“He says it’s not his,” she expresses with a finger pointing toward Scioli. “[That means] I can do whatever I want!”

Scioli is then seen attempting, in vain, to bring the Clinton statue back to its feet before “Nancy” literally sits down on it and refuses to move. Speaking to the Daily News after the fact, Nancy emotionally relayed why she found the Clinton statue to be so degrading.

“To put something up like this in front of my work place,” she said with tear-brimmed eyes, “I shouldn’t have to see this.”

Around 8:30 a.m., police officers from the New York City Counter-Terrorism Unit made their way to the scene and forced Scioli to dismantle the piece, due to him not having a proper permit to display it. Within the hour, it was packed away into a van and driven off to an unknown destination.

Other than Scioli’s admission that he was the artist behind the Clinton statue, no one has openly claimed proper ownership of the piece. A sign at the base of the statue noted Mini Master and Boogie Night Production as being behind its creation. Witnesses at the scene say that they first saw the controversial papier-mâché figure about two hours before law enforcement made their way to the location.

Back in August, a collection of nude statues molded in the likeness of Clinton’s presidential contender, Donald Trump, also popped up in several cities around the U.S., including New York City. As noted by WPIX-11 News, the artist behind the pieces, Joshua “Ginger” Monroe, said that they were a response to the ongoing problematic nuances of the former Celebrity Apprentice host, whom he once supported.

“The final straw for me was when he made fun of the [New York Times] reporter that has the disability,” he said at the time.

The group behind those displays, Indecline, have not spoken on the Clinton statues.

[Featured Image by Mark Makela/Stringer/Getty Images]