Britain’s ‘Bonnie And Clyde’: Teen Sweethearts Had Sex Near Victims’ Bodies

In a scene reminiscent of America’s infamous Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, two British teenagers have become the youngest couple to be convicted of double murder in the U.K. Where Bonnie and Clyde spread terror across central America, the teenagers killed 49-year-old dinner lady Elizabeth Edwards and her 13-year-old daughter, Katie, in a “cold, calculated and pre-planned attack” at their home in Spalding, Lincolnshire. After stabbing the family to death, the killers calmly sat down to watch Twilight on television.

According to the Telegraph, the teenage sweethearts were just 14-years-old when they carried out their frenzied attack. The boy, who cannot be named because of his age, had already admitted his guilt, and today, a jury found his female accomplice guilty too. The girl had claimed that she was suffering from a mental disorder and had denied murdering the victims on the grounds of diminished responsibility. The jury threw out that claim after hearing the prosecution compare the killers to Bonnie and Clyde. One psychiatrist said that the killings would not have happened if the killers had not been in a relationship.

Expert witness Dr. Philip Joseph told the court it was a “Bonnie & Clyde scenario of ‘us against them.'” He testified that the girl is not suffering from a mental disorder as she had claimed. The key to the murders was the relationship between the killers.

“If they had not had this intense, toxic relationship this would never have happened. It is the relationship that is behind the killings. When you have two people together like that, the group dynamic can lead on to a course of action that would otherwise never have taken place.”

According to BBC News, the pair planned to murder Elizabeth and Katie Edwards simply because they had developed a grudge against the Spalding school worker. What makes the case so unusual is the fact that the teenagers planned their murder with clinical efficiency. They even prearranged to have a bath together and have sex within minutes of the murder. The prosecution claimed that the Spalding murder was planned at a local McDonald’s restaurant.

The boy walked along a river to meet his accomplice armed with a variety of knives. On meeting his lover the pair broke into Mrs. Edwards Spalding home and attacked her whilst she was asleep in bed. Mrs. Edwards was pinned down and stabbed at least eight times, including twice in the neck. The boy had purposely attacked her in the throat to make sure that 13-year-old Katie was not wakened by the noise of her mother being murdered.

After being arrested for the Spalding murders, the Bonnie and Clyde killers showed little remorse. According to the Daily Mail, the girl told police that “afterwards I felt fine. He seemed fine. He said, ‘I have done lesser things and I felt more bad for doing them than this.’ It didn’t upset him at all.”

Police found the bodies of Elizabeth and Katie Edwards and arrested the killers after forcing their way into Mrs. Edwards’ Spalding home. The girl told officers that she had “felt like murdering for quite a while” and said that “it just sort of happened.”

The court was told that the Bonnie and Clyde killers had intended to commit suicide after the murders. The girl had left a suicide note but later explained that she had changed her mind because the thought of killing herself made her feel sick. Instead, the killers took a bath, had sex, and ate ice cream while the bodies of their victims lay nearby.

Neighbors of the Bonnie and Clyde killers in Spalding have called for the murderers to be treated as adults by the court. One man, who lives on the same estate in Spalding, said that “they deserve to be properly punished, just like adults.” He explained that people in Spalding, a small market town, were sickened by the murders and wanted to see the killers properly punished and publicly named.

The judge in the case will sentence the Bonnie and Clyde murderers next month.

[Featured Image by Wikimedia Commons Public Domain]