October 19, 2016
Hillary Said The Nuclear Option Is Always On The Table, Even Against Terrorists

This is just a friendly reminder that Hillary Clinton once rebuked her Democratic primary opponent, Senator Barack Obama, for saying that the use of nuclear weapons was "not on the table" against Osama bin Laden. This 2007 Washington Post article features Clinton's strange brain somehow finding a way to not only disagree with that extremely sane and obvious position, but to publicly admit it as though she wasn't saying something horrifying and depraved.

I'm bringing this up because people seem to have forgotten about it. I mean, I'm assuming they have, because everyone still brings up Trump's alleged "if we have nukes why can't we use them" question as evidence that voters should support Hillary Clinton. That quote is no worse than Hillary's admission right in front of members of the press that she'll never take the nuclear option off the table even against terrorist organizations, and according to Snopes there isn't any actual evidence that Trump even said it; it's just one of those "yeah that seems like something he'd say" things that everyone decided to file under factual as a matter of cognitive convenience.

Even if he did say it, Hillary supporters can't have it both ways; you can't have it be a terrifying thing for the other guy to say and a normal thing for your candidate to say.

So here we have what amounts to nothing more than a rumor, being used in as an argument in favor of a candidate who ridiculed the idea that the nuclear option should be taken off the table for use against a terrorist organization. And that's not the worst of it.

The most disturbing thing is that this candidate, the candidate who's told us all with her own mouth hole that she'll always have her finger on the trigger for nuclear holocaust, is now giving every indication that she's going to drag America into a war with Russia. She's been saying since the beginning of her campaign that she plans to set up a no-fly zone in Syria, where Russian military planes are conducting operations against the Islamic State. That means American armed forces actively shooting down Russian planes, in case that isn't clear. Here's an MSNBC article from over a year ago about Hillary's plans for the no-fly zone, already speaking about Russia with hostile rhetoric, and here's a clip from the last debate where she tells us that she's been pushing for a no-fly zone in Syria since she was Secretary of State, and still wants it to this day. This is remarkable consistency for a notorious flip-flopper.

And that's not even the extent of her push; she's also been calling for military strikes on Russia for reasons that have nothing to do with Syria. Watch this clip where she says the Russian "cyber attacks" (which as far as we know are also just another rumor) are the same as any other attack, and that America is going to be ready with serious "military responses" to them. This is even more chilling, because the only things that have been damaged by the leaked documents are her ego and the reputations of her and her political friends. You guys, our leading presidential candidate is telling us that she's going to risk the total annihilation of all life on earth because Russia egoically inconvenienced her.

To be clear, I'm not saying that Hillary Clinton is actively planning to wipe out all terrestrial organisms by way of nuclear holocaust. What I am saying is that she's dead-set on bringing about the first ever full-scale war between two nuclear superpowers, and the deeper into that conflict we get, the greater the odds that the very worst thing that could possibly ever happen will come to pass. It goes without saying that war never goes as planned, since the path to victory always depends on strategizing in a way the enemy doesn't expect; that's the whole reason given for the tremendous government opacity we're seeing in America right now. Any number of unforeseen responses to the chaos of war could lead to somebody deploying a nuclear warhead, and once one goes off, they all do. The deeper into conflict the U.S. and Russia get, the greater the odds of that happening.

And not only is Hillary dragging us kicking and screaming directly toward that terrifying situation, she's also made it abundantly clear that she's wide open to pulling the nuclear trigger if something goes wrong.

Is this what you want, America? Are you sure? If not, it may be time to seriously start re-thinking your options and start coming up with some other ideas. People are intelligent, creative and resourceful. We can overcome this if we want it urgently enough.

[Featured Image by Gregory Reed/Shutterstock]