Police: Illinois Man Had Sex With Two Dogs

An Illinois man has been indicted on charges associated with alleged crimes against animals. The PJ Star reports that 55-year-old Anthony J. Danner is accused of having sex with his two pet dogs.

Police say that the 55-year-old man had sexual encounters with his male malamute, named Wolf, and a female husky, named Velvet. The circumstances surrounding these sexual encounters aren't being clarified in media reports, but the Illinois man's recent arrest and indictment came as the result of an investigation that lasted several months.

This isn't the first time someone has made media headlines for committing sexual crimes against animals. Both men and women tend to attract attention when they are arrested for similar crimes. In 2012, a Georgia man was arrested after he was reportedly caught on camera having sex with dogs. CBS News 46 reports that the 19-year-old man was shown on surveillance footage having sex with a woman's female pit bulls. Bernard Archer was charged with multiple counts of bestiality in association with the shocking incidents.

In 2015, an Arizona man was arrested when he was allegedly caught pimping out his dog in exchange for sexual playtime with horses, goats, and other livestock belonging to other zoophiles. Allen Darland is accused of having sexual encounters with farm animals, his own animals, and stray dogs. He is also accused of exploiting his job as a delivery driver, by molesting the animals belonging to homeowners on his delivery routes.Earlier this year, a South Carolina woman was arrested, after it was discovered that she had allegedly had sex with a dog. Breitbart reports that 23-year-old Hannah Marie Haynes filmed herself engaging in sexual acts with her pet Dachshund. The young woman was ultimately charged with "buggery."Also this year, a Florida woman was arrested after her boyfriend provided police with video and photo evidence of her having sexual contact with two dogs. The New York Daily News reports that 21-year-old Miranda Johns sent videos of herself having sexual intercourse with the two dogs to her boyfriend, who showed them to police after she had accused him of sexual battery.Just last month, a Mississippi woman was arrested and charged with "unnatural intercourse." Police say that Kimberly Coggins pleaded guilty upon her arrest, and must register as a sex offender for having sex with her dog.As for this latest case, Illinois man Anthony Danner has been charged with four felony counts of sex with an animal. He is currently being held in Peoria County Jail on bond in the amount of $35,000. If he is convicted of these crimes, he could find himself in prison for anywhere between one and three years per count. Currently, there are no reports shedding any light as to how many times he allegedly sexually assaulted the dogs, nor are there reports sharing how authorities became aware of these alleged crimes.

[Featured Image via Peoria County Sheriff]