Police: Illinois Man Had Sex With Two Dogs

Chelsea Hoffman

An Illinois man has been indicted on charges associated with alleged crimes against animals. The PJ Star reports that 55-year-old Anthony J. Danner is accused of having sex with his two pet dogs.

Police say that the 55-year-old man had sexual encounters with his male malamute, named Wolf, and a female husky, named Velvet. The circumstances surrounding these sexual encounters aren't being clarified in media reports, but the Illinois man's recent arrest and indictment came as the result of an investigation that lasted several months.

This isn't the first time someone has made media headlines for committing sexual crimes against animals. Both men and women tend to attract attention when they are arrested for similar crimes. In 2012, a Georgia man was arrested after he was reportedly caught on camera having sex with dogs. CBS News 46 reports that the 19-year-old man was shown on surveillance footage having sex with a woman's female pit bulls. Bernard Archer was charged with multiple counts of bestiality in association with the shocking incidents.

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[Featured Image via Peoria County Sheriff]