Former Miss Teen USA Claims She Was Told ‘Trump Doesn’t Like Black People’

Former Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford, now a TV personality, has taken to Twitter to discuss the allegations of Donald Trump walking in backstage dressing rooms at pageants while teenagers were in various states of undress. She states that while she had heard plenty of bad things about Trump, she personally never witnessed him sexually harass anyone, at least not in any straightforward way, she tweeted.

“I don’t have any personal experiences with him being predatory in the traditional sense — but he definitely used his power to lure girls in.”

Crawford was told that Trump “only liked a certain kind of black.” She didn’t elaborate about who told her that but said she witnessed him making a gagging motion and face behind the back of another black contestant. Crawford has taken to Twitter to discuss her viewpoints on his behavior during the interactions she’s had with him as a beauty pageant contestant. She tweeted that apparently, she “was the type of black he liked,” according to IBTimes.

“Luckily for me — I was the ‘type’ of black he liked. He toted me around his buddies who were all there gawking at the Miss Universe girls…”

Her tweet, which was posted at 5 p.m. yesterday, has amassed thousands of shares and varied responses. Some accuse of her simply trying to discredit Donald Trump, and others congratulate her for her bravery in speaking out.

Donald Trump Locker Room
Donald Trump insists his talk on old 'Access Hollywood' tapes was just "locker room" banter. [Image by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images]

Crawford, who was just 18 when she won the title of “Miss Teen USA”, was the first African-American to win the title in over a decade. At the time, Donald Trump was the owner of the Miss Teen pageant. Some people responded asking what type of “black” he doesn’t like. Crawford wouldn’t identify anyone but did answer the question.

“Out of respect for her privacy I won’t identify her. But just know she was a gorgeous, darker completed queen. Stunning. But not his ‘type’.”

Crawford, who says it was well known that Trump liked to get friendly with the girls, says it was also well known that he wasn’t crazy about most black contestants. She said she personally witnessed him “snub” the majority of black contestants.

This is likely not good news for Donald Trump, who has struggled his entire campaign with winning African American votes, and the large majority of African-Americans polled say they will vote for Hillary Clinton. At a campaign speech, Trump referred to the African-American population as “the blacks” which may have further alienated him from that segment of the population.

Crawford, however, says she is simply speaking the truth about what she encountered six years ago, even though many have publicly accused her of being paid to speak out against Trump. She denies those allegations and says she has no reason to lie and is not concerned about any backlash.

Crawford appeared unshaken by any negative remarks toward her, even some of which were by other African Americans, who said she was making all African-Americans look bad. Nonplussed, Crawford went on to discuss world politics and what she was ordering for lunch, including what kind of tea she liked.

What do you think of Crawford’s statements? Do you find them credible? Will this further wound Trump’s presidential campaign?

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