Wisconsin Creepy Clown Arrests: Couple Allegedly Left 4-Year-Old Home Alone For Hours To Terrorize Neighborhood [Video]

It’s been a summer and fall full of creepy clowns, and if a pair of Wisconsin arrests are any indicator, the problem seems to be getting worse as Halloween nears. The creepy clown phenomenon began in South Carolina at a lone apartment complex. Resident’s children began telling their parents tales of creepy clowns lurking in the woods, creepy clowns who were trying to lure them away with promises of candy and money.

At first, parents and other adults seemed to think the problem was nothing more than kids’ overactive imaginations. However, it didn’t take long for parents to start seeing and hearing the creepy clowns, too. In a matter of less than a week, the Fleetwood Manor apartment complex began sending out letters to residents, warning them to keep one eye on their kids and the other on the lookout for creepy, threatening clowns.


For weeks and weeks, the creepy clown sightings have spread. Initially, no arrests were made, despite multiple police departments in several states responding to dozens and dozens of reports of creepy clowns. In fact, police were having a hard time finding any evidence that the creepy clown sightings were anything more than hoaxes.

However, the severity of the creepy clown sightings began to intensify. Clowns were being spotted with weapons, even chasing children. So police across the country continued to take the creepy clown threat very seriously, and before too long people were getting caught. People like 20-year-old Jonathan Martin of Kentucky, who was arrested on September 23 after lurking in the woods around an apartment complex and allegedly trying to lure children.

In recent weeks and days, many creepy clown arrests have taken place across the U.S., with many of those arrested facing charges of making threats against schools or the public in general or specific people. Others have been arrested for perpetuating hoaxes and/or disorderly conduct.


Now, a new set of creepy clown arrests is being added to the list, this time out of Menasha, Wisconsin. However, this most recent Wisconsin case is a bit more disturbing than most of the other creepy clown reports of the summer and fall, because it involved alleged child neglect, not just creepy clown copycats getting their jollies by terrorizing their neighbors.

According to Menasha police officers, terrorizing their neighbors was precisely what two Wisconsin creepy clowns were doing in the earliest morning hours of October 7. As WBAY 2 reported, police showed up in a neighborhood after receiving several 911 calls from residents who had seen creepy clowns lurking in the predawn darkness. When officers got to the neighborhood, they allegedly found two guys dressed up in creepy clown costumes as well as a woman who was apparently their getaway driver.

The men, ages 20 and 29, got an earful from police when they were busted in the residential neighborhood in their creepy clown costumes, but that wasn’t the worst of it. Upon further investigation, responding officers discovered that the 29-year-old male clown and the 26-year-old female getaway driver were a couple, and that they had left their 4-year-old child home alone for hours, so they could pull of their creepy clown routine.

Responding police were not amused, and they made two Wisconsin creepy clown arrests that morning, but only one of the people arrested was wearing a clown costume. According to police, they arrested the parents for child neglect and let the 20-year-old creepy clown go without charges.

In fact, the Wisconsin officers didn’t charge anyone with anything related to wearing a creepy clown costumes; that was the least of officers’ concerns when they learned the whole truth of the situation.

The Wisconsin creepy clown couple who was arrested on child neglect charges haven’t been publicly named, but authorities have confirmed that both were referred to court for their respective roles in allegedly neglecting their preschool-aged child by leaving him home alone to perpetuate a creepy clown hoax on the neighbors.

The female getaway driver was also reportedly held for a brief time due to a preexisting probation situation.

The 4-year-old child in question has reportedly been placed in a foster home by the Wisconsin Department of Human Services in the aftermath of the creepy clown child neglect arrests.

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