South Carolina Clown Sightings: Concern Grows As Clown Sightings Spread To More Communities [Video]

Patricia Ramirez

The creepy and disturbing plague of clown sightings in South Carolina began toward the end of August. At first, many believed it was just a case of kids being kids as more and more children at the same apartment complex reported to their parents that clowns were trying to lure them into the surrounding woods with promises of candy and money. However, the sightings continued, got more credible, and were witnessed by adults. Some of the South Carolina clown sightings were so disturbing that those who witnessed them claimed that the clowns had guns.

The seemingly targeted apartment complex, Fleetwood Manor apartments in Greenville, decided to be proactive and choose being safe over being sorry. The property management sent out a letter to residents, telling parents to keep an eye on their children because creepy clowns had been reported lurking in the nearby South Carolina woods.

When the children told police that the clowns were living in an abandoned house down by a local body of water, police investigated that as well. Unfortunately, the building in question appeared vacant, as though nobody had been there in a long time.

"There were allegations that they had seen these clowns with guns, but our investigators responded and didn't find any shell casings or anything like that. At this point we have not found any information or evidence to corroborate anything. I am not saying it is not true, but we haven't found any evidence yet."
"'Mama, there's clowns out there in the woods and they're trying to get us to come out there.' Some had chains, some had knives, and some were holding out money, saying, 'Come here, we've got candy for you,' but they wouldn't go."

Until they started to spread.

According to the Spartanburg Police Department, they are taking their clown sighting very seriously. It was witnessed by a credible adult woman who reported to law enforcement that she had found a clown standing in her own back yard. She even reportedly got a photo of the clown, but law enforcement said the image quality wasn't good enough for identification purposes.

The Spartanburg, South Carolina, clown sighting has marked an escalation to a series of events that began with clowns hiding in the woods near one apartment complex and has now turned into clowns reportedly knocking on doors and lurking in backyards.

For example, witnesses can't seem to remember the color of the clowns' hair, whether they are wearing masks or have painted faces, or the color of their clothes/costumes. No witness has managed to capture a photo or video that clearly shows a clown lurking near their South Carolina home.

What do you think is going on? Are the South Carolina clown sightings legit? Are people making things up? Is it mass hysteria? People playing a widespread prank? Or could the South Carolina clown sightings be something more nefarious and supernatural?

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