Shocking News As Sen. McCain Withdraws His Support For Donald Trump After Lewd Videos Featuring Trump Compound Other Outrageous Statements Trump Has Made

In a startling turn of events, CNN is reporting that Sen. John McCain just announced he withdraws support for Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee. This comes in the wake of a slew of sexually-related video revelations about Trump over the last few weeks, but particularly in the last 48 hours.

After yesterday’s 2005 video in which Trump bragged about his ability to force himself on women and grab their p***y, the Republican party as a whole, including McCain, largely denounced Trump, but none actually withdrew their support. But the firestorm that resulted from Trump’s lewd comments put pressure on many senior Republicans to do so.

However, this doesn’t seem to have been the only factor influencing McCain’s decision to withdraw his support for Trump, as he made clear in a statement he released. McCain withdraws his support for Trump today for a host of other reasons, which McCain expanded upon in his letter.

“In addition to my well known differences with Donald Trump on public policy issues, I have raised questions about his character after his comments on Prisoners of War, the Khan Gold Star family, Judge Curiel and earlier inappropriate comments about women. Just this week, he made outrageous statements about the innocent men in the Central Park Five case.”

As conveyed in the Official Statement McCain released, he goes on to say he cannot excuse Donald Trump’s highly offensive comments – as portrayed in the video content – stating that, “no woman should ever be victimized by this kind of inappropriate behavior. He alone bears the burden of his conduct and alone should suffer the consequences.”

McCain goes on to suggest that, while he greatly wanted to support the presidential nominee of the Republican Party, since the majority of voters selected Donald Trump, he simply can’t bring himself to do so following recent Trump video releases, as well as other moves by the candidate.

McCain didn’t have the opportunity of considering Donald Trump’s most recent fiasco, in which Trump agreed with Howard Stern that his own daughter Ivanka was “a nice piece of a**”, before making his decision. This most current Trump scandal was making its way across the Internet even as McCain withdraws his support.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally

McCain states that he consulted with his wife, Cindy McCain – a longtime advocate for women’s rights – when making this decision. Clearly, Cindy McCain could hardly have been untroubled by Donald Trump’s boasts about carrying out sexual assaults on women.

McCain is the Senior Senator from Arizona, one of the most powerful members of the Republican Party, and a former candidate for President of the United States. It was only with great difficulty that McCain and others were convinced to support Donald Trump in the first place.

With the second presidential debate coming up tomorrow, this could not have happened at a worse time for the Donald Trump campaign. If Trump obeys the wishes of those Republicans who are asking him to resign, it brings up another burning question.

If Trump withdraws, who will replace him on the Republican ticket? Does Pence get a promotion, or will it will Ted Cruz taking over as the Presidential nominee?

The fact that McCain withdraws his support for Donald Trump today will have a devastating impact of the Trump campaign and throw the entire Republican party into chaos. Even worse for Trump, if Paul Ryan withdraws his support as well, or some other major figure in the party withdraws it, this could start an avalanche that crushes the already foundering and desperate Trump campaign.

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