Keith Zubchevich: Nancy O’Dell’s Husband Thrust Into Spotlight After His Nancy Identified As Married Woman Trump Tried To Woo

Keith Zubchevich has been known to the world for the last decade as the husband of Entertainment Tonight host Nancy O’Dell, but now the Silicon Valley tech executive is being pulled into one of the biggest political controversies of the last 20 years.

The chain of events pulling Zubchevich into the spotlight started on Friday afternoon with the release of a politically devastating tape that could sink Donald Trump’s presidential run — and possibly his entire career.

The Trump Tapes, as the damaging recording has come to be called, was released on Friday afternoon and almost immediately left his campaign in shambles. In the leaked audio, Trump was heard talking to Access Hollywood host Billy Bush about his tactics going after women.

Trump, who had just gotten married to Melania months earlier, even bragged about going after a married celebrity — though to no avail. A full transcript from the New York Times revealed the conversation.

“I moved on her very heavily. In fact, I took her out furniture shopping.

“She wanted to get some furniture. I said, “I’ll show you where they have some nice furniture.” I took her out furniture…

“I moved on her like a b***h. But I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look.”

Within hours of the Trump Tapes being released, that woman was identified as Nancy O’Dell, the broadcast journalist and current host of Entertainment Tonight. At the time the audio was recorded, she worked alongside Bush on Access Hollywood.

While Nancy O’Dell has not yet spoken out about the Donald Trump scandal, there is plenty of attention both on her and her husband, Keith Zubchevich. Though Nancy is used to being in the spotlight, it’s a bit different for her husband, who is the vice president of a tech firm.

The two have been in the public eye on a few occasions before, attending Hollywood events together and even allowing InStyle to get an inside look at their 2005 wedding. The magazine had a photo spread of the intimate affair, which took place at the Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara before 62 guests.

“We wanted it to be intimate because we wanted to spend time with you all,” O’Dell told those in attendance. “We wanted to look out and see our families.”

The look into the lives of Nancy O’Dell and Keith Zubchevich has also revealed a bit more context about the Trump Tapes and the role Billy Bush played. Though in the audio recording it is Donald Trump saying the most crude remarks, Bush was heard egging him on and slipping in a few lewd statements of his own.

A 2009 report from the New York Daily News quoted a source who claimed that O’Dell’s departure from the show was actually due to Billy Bush’s on-set tantrums.

“The atmosphere at Access Hollywood is like walking on a landmine because of Billy,” the insider claimed. “He throws tantrums and tirades and oftentimes for no apparent reason. It was one of several things that had Nancy at her wit’s end after 13 years.”

There is more drama too, including a report on Saturday that Trump tried to have O’Dell fired after she rejected his advances.

Until the release of the Trump Tapes, Keith Zubchevich had been enjoying a mostly quiet life. While his wife maintains her stature within the world of Hollywood journalism, Keith has done his part to help raise the couple’s three kids — two from his previous marriage and a daughter born to them in 2007.

Nancy had previously praised Keith’s abilities as a father.

“I have really learned to enjoy the simple things these past couple of years,” she told Working Mother. “I have my husband to thank for that. He is always telling me to live in the moment…We have also been doing family game night these days. My two boys, my daughter, my husband and I gather around a table and play all kinds of board games and card games. It is such a fun family bonding thing to do and we have great conversations in between turns.”

Despite the scandal brewing around them, both Nancy O’Dell and her husband Keith Zubchevich are remaining above the fray. Neither have spoken publicly about the Trump Tapes in the past day.

[Photo by Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP Images]