Top NASA Official Talks Alien Apocalypse: ‘If You Guys Knew [What] We Do, You Will Never Sleep Again’

In a posting that is almost too good to not be a hoax, not to mention possibly being bait for conspiracy theorists, a top NASA official has allegedly opened up about aliens — sort of. Numerous alien hunters and UFO enthusiast websites and blogs have taken to the internet after a posting to the photo-sharing site Imgur, attributed to NASA’s Director of Astrophysics, apparently insinuates that not only do aliens exist, NASA knows they exist, and the rest of humanity would sleep far better not knowing what is actually out there.

User UFOmania posted a video to YouTube last week that highlights an Imgur posting of a statement supposedly made by Paul Hertz, Director of Astrophysics at NASA. While it is as yet unknown if Hertz actually made the statement, alien enthusiasts are running with it. If authentic, the statement is tantalizingly leading — and a bit ominous. If not an actual statement by Hertz, the quote still hits all the right spots to get the we-are-not-alone crowd to engage in debate.

As can be seen on Imgur, Paul Hertz, seemingly exasperated at the public’s insistence on talking about aliens, even though NASA issues teasers about upcoming announcement that clearly state they will not announce anything concerning the discovery of alien life, allegedly wrote the following.

“But every time we do one of these things with the press, inevitably you guys think it’s going to be about aliens. So I’ll let you in on a little secret. NASA literally will never hold a press conference announcing we’ve discovered aliens. Because we’re never going to discover aliens.”

Now, if that wasn’t an information bombshell for those holding out for first contact, a close encounter, or finding alien beings in their lifetimes, nothing would ever be. But as disappointing as those words might have been, the next few lines were downright ominous.

Hertz allegedly states that aliens will find humans first, “and it won’t be pretty.” Insisting there wouldn’t be time for a press conference when first contact occurred, he noted that it would all be over “in a hot white flash in the sky and lights out.” After commenting on humanity’s immaturity, he goes on to state: “We’re basically infants and when the adults show up… it’s game over.” He says mankind would be better off to wipe itself off the Earth before the aliens show up to do it for us.

Alien fleet approaching Earth in first contact. [Image by 3000ad/Shutterstock]

Hertz allegedly concluded by hammering his point home.

“You want an announcement about aliens? Here it is: Be careful what you wish for. If you guys knew even a fraction of the s*** we do, you’d never sleep again. I promise you that.”

So there you have it. Fodder for conspiracy theorists, undoubtedly. It admits that NASA knows more than it has publicly admitted, a common talking point of “truthers” and those who believe that much of what NASA knows has never been revealed. But is it authentic? While we wait on confirmation or denial from Paul Hertz and/or NASA, it should be noted that, as reported by, this apocalyptic warning echoes that of astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who recently reiterated his cautionary words uttered in 2010 of being wary of a first contact with aliens, especially aliens that will likely be far more technologically advanced than humans and not in any way disposed to greet us with best intentions.

An alien fleet has arrived on Earth. [Image by 3000ad/Shutterstock]

NASA was recently used as a foil, according to, in a satirical story where the space agency was made to look as if it “forgot” to mention that it had discovered aliens. How could this have possibly happened? Well, apparently, NASA just assumed that everyone already knew.

The story went viral, according to, when reported the story as authentic.

Presently, there is still no empirical evidence uncovered by NASA or any other agency or individual on public record that suggests that alien life exists.

[Featured Image by Angela Harburn/Shutterstock]

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