Javi Marroquin Divorce Is Stalling: ‘Single Life Is Fantastic’ Says ‘Teen Mom’ Star

Javi Marroquin has been keeping a low profile since returning home from his duty overseas, where he served in the Air Force. Javi was deployed shortly after Christmas and he returned home in August this year. Marroquin was shocked to learn that his wife wanted a divorce, but he admitted that their marriage wasn’t as strong as it once was. He learned to accept the fact that Kailyn wanted out of the marriage and he did everything possible to make it happen. So, what’s the status of the divorce these days?

According to a new Radar Online report, Javi Marroquin is now revealing why his divorce is stalling. When they were filming Teen Mom 2 this past winter, Marroquin asked Lowry to start the divorce process so they could quickly get divorced when he returned home.

It has been several months since she filed the papers and he needed to sign off the divorce papers, as she can’t legally divorce him when he’s deployed. But it sounds like the couple has done everything on their end to make the divorce happen. In fact, Javi reveals that they are merely waiting for a judge’s signature.

“Delaware has been taking a little bit,” Javi recently revealed to Radar Online, adding, “Kail and I both did everything we needed to do one our end. We need to get the decree back from the judge and we’ll be done.”

definitely rides for me no matter what ✊???? kimberlyrene__ #riptoyourheels pic.twitter.com/31xVtOz6UJ

— Javi Marroquin (@JaviM9) September 26, 2016

Some people speculated that Kailyn would take her two sons away from the Delaware, so Javi Marroquin would be left fighting for his son. In addition, Marroquin was rumored to be going after Lowry’s money that she made from Teen Mom 2. However, it sounds like custody isn’t an issue and they have already worked out any issues in regards to spousal support.


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“We’re good with that,” Marroquin revealed about the child and spousal support, revealing he isn’t paying Kailyn anything right now, adding, “Everything is moving forward.”

While Kailyn was quick to kiss another woman after filing the divorce papers, Javi has been a bit more coy about his dating life. But just because he isn’t seen with several women doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. As he told Radar Online, Marroquin loves his single life and the fact that he can do whatever he wants now.

“Single life is fantastic,” Javi Marroquin added, sharing, “It’s a lot of fun. I’m just having a good time. I’m not doing anything crazy, just hanging out with my guy friends. Nothing serious just having fun with whoever I come across.”

And just because Javi is enjoying single life doesn’t mean he’s ready to find the one and only. It sounds like he’s having fun dating various women and maybe he’s taking his time to find the perfect one. Marroquin has already revealed that he wants more children, but he may not be rushing into a relationship for the sake of growing his family.

“I’m not ready, nor am I in a position to have anything serious,” Marroquin has revealed, sharing that things are looking up with him and Kailyn, adding, “My relationship with Kail is a lot better. We text, I annoy her all the time still. I have to go over there and get my mail and stuff like that so I see her all the time. She invited me for dinner yesterday with the boys.”

What do you think about the judge stalling Javi Marroquin’s divorce from Kailyn Lowry? Do you think he will appear on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, as he’s still a huge part of the children’s lives?

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