Kailyn Lowry Divorce Problems Turns Into A Bashing Of Catelynn Baltierra’s Parenting

Kailyn Lowry announced this spring that she would be divorcing her husband, Javi Marroquin. The two had supposedly already been separated since Christmas, but they couldn’t say anything to their fans because Teen Mom 2 was airing on MTV.

Now that the season has come to an end, Kailyn and Javi are both quite vocal on social media, and it sounds like they like to play the blame game. While Lowry has blamed the divorce on the lack of support from her husband, Marroquin says that his wife completely changed after having plastic surgery in Miami. Lowry simply became a different person.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she doesn’t want to keep people around for no reason at all. It’s no secret that Lowry has lost some friends in this divorce, as her long-time friend Christina “Peach” Pietrobon decided to side with Jav in the divorce. She’s been actively accusing Kailyn of cheating on Marroquin while he was deployed overseas. Maybe Lowry is looking at her life these days and realizing that she doesn’t have room for people who aren’t willing to be her friend.

“There’s too many people in the world to keep someone around for no reason,” Kailyn revealed on Twitter, hinting that there are too many irrelevant people in her life these days, which could have resulted from people taking sides in the divorce.

And while some people may have guessed that Kailyn Lowry was talking about her own friends and possibly even Javi himself, some people started bashing Teen Mom star Catelynn Baltierra’s parenting decisions. One person even argued that Baltierra is taking Kailyn’s advice and tossing her children aside.

“That’s how Catelynn feels about Carly and Nova,” one person wrote back to Kailyn Lowry, hinting that Catelynn from the original Teen Mom series is just handing her children off to other people when she doesn’t want to see them.


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“That’s just mean AF to say about Caitlin’s little girls, she did the right thing for her,” one person argued, saying that Carly was placed up for adoption because they couldn’t take care of the baby once she was born and that Baltierra is getting help with Nova due to postpartum depression.

“Sure did. But her reasons for doing so we’re bs since she’s accomplished nothing since giving her away,” the first person replied, to which the Teen Mom fan wrote back, “She accomplished maturity and her and tyler finished their schooling, wrote a book.”

While Catelynn and Tyler did write a book, it does sound like they struggled to get their life in order in regards to school. Their parents really wanted both of them to get degrees. Tyler pursued an education, but he never revealed whether he finished it.

“They have no degrees and she’s not mature,” the first person argued back, adding later, “I guess it’s hart to be a bad mom when ur never w your kid. “Nova is with my mom”……..”

Kailyn Lowry surely didn’t mean to provide a platform for this kind of behavior, including people bashing her fellow Teen Mom star. Maybe Lowry is busy after returning home from her trip to Hawaii and Kailyn didn’t see the interaction, but surely she would come to her friend’s defense in regards to giving her daughter up for adoption and seeking treatment for postpartum depression.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s tweet? Are you surprised that the conversation took such a drastic turn to include a bashing of her fellow Teen Mom friend?

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