Will George W. Bush Give Hillary Clinton His Endorsement? Barbara Bush Sparks Speculation After Attending Clinton Event

George W. Bush’s daughter Barbara attended a fundraising event for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, once again sparking speculation that the former Republican president could be casting his vote in favor of Clinton this November. Bush attended a high-profile Clinton fundraiser in Paris on Saturday evening and didn’t appear to be shy about the fact that she’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton in November, making her the second member of the Bush family to come out in support of the Democratic candidate.

According to BuzzFeed, the fundraiser was a pretty pricey event, with tickets ranging from $500 to $10,000. The dinner was hosted by Vogue contributor Lauren Santo Domingo, where Bush was spotted with the likes of Dakota Fanning and other big names in support of Hillary Clinton. Whilst Barbara didn’t provide a solid confirmation that she plans to vote for Hillary Clinton in November, George W. Bush’s daughter attending such an event hints towards the fact that she’s a Clinton supporter.

Neither the Clinton campaign nor President Bush’s team have commented on the event as it stands, suggesting Bush’s appearance wasn’t intended to be public. That being said, Barbara isn’t the first member of the Bush family to hint that she’s voting for a Democrat in November, but could her father follow suit?

As it stands, George W. Bush is yet to endorse either his own party’s candidate Donald Trump or Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. However, according to Politico, Bush’s father and former president George H.W. Bush confirmed during a private meeting last month that he will be voting for Clinton in November. That revelation made George H.W. Bush the most senior member of the Republican party to come out in opposition to his own party’s candidate and in support of their Democratic rival.

Furthermore, George W. Bush’s wife Laura has hinted that she can’t see herself voting for Donald Trump in November and instead plans to cast her vote for Hillary Clinton. That being said, whilst Laura Bush is a member of the Republican party, her personal political views have always been in question. During the Obama administration, Bush developed a close relationship with her successor Michelle Obama, whilst both the Obama and Bush families have appeared together only recently.


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The Republican Bush family appears to be swaying towards Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton ahead of November’s crucial election. That being said, former Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who himself faced off against Donald Trump earlier this year has confirmed that he doesn’t plan to vote for either candidate in November, saying, “I can’t vote for Hillary Clinton, and I can’t vote for Donald Trump and it breaks my heart.”

At the moment, George W. Bush appears to be largely staying out of the presidential election. But does the fact that he hasn’t endorsed Donald Trump mean that he plans to vote for Hillary Clinton later this year? That could very well be, however, whether or not Bush will publicly endorse Clinton remains to be seen.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has already picked up support from across the Republican party. With much of the party’s establishment horrified by the prospect of their own candidate, key figures have come out in support of the Democratic alternative. That being said, Donald Trump has used the lack of support from his own party to further boost his anti-establishment appeal, whilst casting Hillary Clinton as the candidate supported by that establishment.

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