Special Needs Boy Set On Fire By Bullies: Texas Boy Fighting For His Life

A Texas boy is fighting for his life after the special needs child was set on fire by bullies. His mother tells reporters that her son was intentionally set on fire by other boys who were playing with him in a field, WJACTV reports.

Kayden Culp is burned from his ears to his lower stomach, which was more than 20-percent of his body, after an allegedly planned attack by two other children.

According to Culp’s mother, Kayden was playing in the field with two other kids when one doused him with gasoline, then the other lit him on fire. During the attack, a shed also caught on fire.

Teens were playing with disabled boy in field when they lit him on fire
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Ashley White, a family friend, is very upset about this attack against the autistic boy.

“He needs justice. I mean, no kid deserves to go through anything he’s going through. At all. Period.”

Trysten, Kayden’s mother, told reporters that the boy hasn’t officially been diagnosed as being autistic, but he exhibits the signs of the disorder.

Kayden is currently on life support at University Hospital. His family has set up a YouCaring account to collect donations to help with Kayden’s medical expenses, as well as living expenses for his family while they are unable to work during this tragic time.

According to Kayden’s YouCaring page, he is currently sedated and has a feeding tube. Kayden’s burns cover nearly 20-percent of his body, and he will likely be in the hospital for quite some time.

The family has three other children, so any donations will help keep the family afloat while Kayden recovers.

An update recently provided by News4 has revealed that Kayden is suffering from an infection. The boy’s blood pressure has been unstable, and he is on medication for his heart.

Trysten has been in contact with law enforcement officials and is planning on pressing criminal charges against the two children who lit her son on fire.

Almost a year ago, a 13-year-old disabled boy was set on fire by a bully, as well, Fox News reports. Back in December, Deandre Bloomfield of Staten Island, New York was sprayed with cologne and lit on fire by another teen. The boy’s sister and mother were both inside the house when the attack took place. Ursula Allen, the boy’s mother describes the horrific assault against her disabled son.

“He was trying to leave, run out of the house but he can’t because he can’t run. He walks with a limp. That’s when he lit up a match for the second time and that’s when it lit up.”

For unknown reasons, the family did not immediately call 911. First, the sister tried putting him in the shower, which caused him an excruciating amount of pain. Allen revealed that Deandre’s sister noticed what had happened first.

“When the sister saw what was going on she covered it up. She put Deandre in the shower which hurts even more.”

Bully lights disabled boy on fire then sister puts him in shower
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Two hours later, the family searched for medical help for Deandre. His mother has revealed that Deandre is constantly bullied.

“The kids around here call him Limpy. I correct everybody that his name is not Limpy, it’s Deandre.”

The teen who allegedly lit Deandre on fire was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon, Dreamin’ Demon reports.

The attack on Kayden Culp is being investigated by the fire marshal. Kayden’s bike remains at the scene, and the shed is surrounded with crime scene tape.

Our thoughts and support go out to Kayden and his family as we hope for a full recovery after this horrifying attack. We will keep this story updated as more information becomes available.

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