Police Say Georgia Dad Killed 7-Year-Old Daughter, Threw Her Into A Lake

A Fulton County, Georgia, dad and his girlfriend were charged with killing his 7-year-old little girl, then concealing her death by throwing her into a lake, police said on Friday.

Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that Michael Deon Wash, of East Point, reported his daughter Kamaire Wash, 7, missing on June 30. He said that Kamaire wandered away from the apartment he shared with his girlfriend, Lasherae Davis. Wash claimed that he woke up and didn’t see his daughter anywhere in the apartment. He told police she was last seen wearing polka dot pajamas.

On June 29, the body of a young girl was pulled from Lake Allatoona in Bartow County, under the Interstate 75 overpass close to the 3rd Army Road. The young girl’s remains were sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s lab for identification, which confirmed the child was Kamaire. The medical report indicated that she was already deceased when her father called and reported her missing. Kamaire died of blunt force trauma prior to being thrown into the water.

Capt. Cliff Chandler of the East Point Police Department stated that his team met with the Bartow County deputies and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation shortly after the girl’s remains were found, and they pieced together information that led to the couple’s arrest. He also stated that Wash told him they searched for Kamaire for around an hour before calling police.

“They said they searched for about an hour or so. When they didn’t find her, that’s when they contacted law enforcement.”

Earlier this year, Kamaire’s mother, Kashira Pettigrew, of Illinois, said that Kamaire had been living with her father for around a year when the incident occurred. She felt frustrated that she wasn’t getting any answers.

“I found out when her father called me and told me our daughter is missing. The way he said it is, ‘Our daughter’s missing.’ I want to know what happened to my baby. Why is no one telling me anything and what’s going on?”

A few days later, Pettigrew said that she thought Wash and his current girlfriend, Davis, killed Kamaire.

“I believe they killed my baby. I do, I sure do. Why would they do a baby like that? She was only 7, had a beautiful heart, beautiful spirit.”

Police agreed with Pettigrew that Wash’s story didn’t seem to add up. Both Wash and Davis were arrested shortly after, but at the time, they didn’t face murder charges.

At first, Wash was charged with aggravated assault, two counts of cruelty to children in the first degree, one county of cruelty to children in the third degree, giving false statements, and concealing the death of another. Davis was charged with party to the crime aggravated assault, two counts of party to the crime of cruelty to children first degree, party to the crime of cruelty to children third degree, giving false statements, and concealing the death of another.

On Thursday, Wash and Davis were also indicted on murder charges after Pettigrew pushed for it. Pettigrew felt Davis should face murder charges as well, since she played a hand in concealing Kamaire’s death.

“She is just as responsible as a mother, as a woman.”

Wash and Davis are the parents of three daughters, a four-year-old and 18-month-old twins. The family had only been living in Georgia a few months when the incident happened.

NBC 11 Alive reports that the indictment read that Wash struck his little girl with “an object or objects” so severely that it caused significant damage. Afterwards, Wash and Davis failed to seek medical care for her. Instead, they allegedly allowed Kamaire to die from her injuries before making a 55-minute drive north, where they threw body into the lake. Boaters found her remains and called the police.

The Georgia dad and his girlfriend both remain behind bars with no bail.

[Featured Photo by the East Point Police Department]