Leslie Jones Laughs Off Her iCloud Hacker in 'Mr. Robot' 'SNL' Skit

Leslie Jones turned to Mr. Robot during the Saturday Night Live Season 42 premiere Saturday night to find out who plastered her "nasties" all over the internet.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Ghostbusters star was hacked in August. The perpetrator released nude photos of the celebrity in addition to her personal information, including her passport and drivers license.

The actress fell under a particularly cruel attack on social media, egged on by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, after being cast in the Ghostbusters reboot.

The hack was as cruel as the Twitter attack because the person who hacked Jones joined other internet trolls by posting a video comparing the comedienne to Harambe the gorilla, who was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo this summer, insinuating that the beautiful, talented actress looks like the gorilla.

After deciding not to be someone who quietly allows trolls and hackers to bring her down, Jones enlisted the help of Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson. He mimicked actor Rami Malek, who portrays the fictional hacktivist, Elliot Alderson, from the USA Network Emmy-winning show, Mr. Robot, to find the perpetrator, according to Bustle.

"You gotta help figure out who hacked my pics... who got all my little nasties."

Leslie parodied the award-winning techno series to poke fun at the harrowing iCloud hack that left her website vandalized with her nude photos in August.

Davidson's Elliot began searching through an old-school laptop running Windows 95 for the SNL gag and easily guessed her unassuming password.

"It's P-A-S-S-... Hey, you got it," Jones said.

The culprit in the skit turns out to be Jones herself. After some investigation, Davidson handed her a folder with information of the faux hacker in the skit, which had a photo of Jones on the cover.

"It seems you backed up your photos to your online website. Don't know how you did it, it's actually really hard to do."

Jones told Davidson's Elliot to "get some vitamins" and "get some sleep."

"Ya'll millennials don't take care of yourself."

The real culprit behind Jones' hack has never been identified, but Twitter banned Yiannopoulos for his role in fueling waves of harassment after Jones met with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who banned other trolls as well.

Meanwhile, SNL creator Lorne Michaels broke his silence on Jones' Twitter attacks in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, saying he felt horrible for the comedienne but acknowledging that it is a part of being a celebrity in the age of social media.

"I felt terrible that she had to go through it. That part was awful. But it's also fame in the age of social media. The velocity of those attacks and how perspectives change is really difficult to deal with.

"I think no one is prepared for the level of celebrity that comes with being on television and particularly as big a stage as this. I think she handles everything really well and I love her."

Of course, everyone is talking about Alec Baldwin's role as Donald Trump on the show, facing off with Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton.

Michaels dished on how that particular casting decision was made.

"The idea came out of a conversation with Tina Fey at some point during the summer. Then I mentioned it to Alec but he'd already committed himself to a movie and [he and wife Hilaria] were about to have their third child. There were a lot of obstacles in the way to working it out. But I just thought he'd be brilliant doing it and I thought he and Kate [McKinnon] would be a match."

It's great to see a strong woman like Leslie Jones stand up to her attackers and hackers. It should be an inspiration to all of us.

[Featured Image by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]