Leslie Jones Website Hacked: Nude Photos And Passport Posted With Video Of Harambe The Gorilla

Ghostbusters and SNL cast member Leslie Jones has been hacked. The attack seems rather vicious, as it revealed nude photos of the celebrity in addition to her personal information. Echoing the online harassment Jones received recently, a video of the gorilla Harambe was posted at the top of her site as well.

The internet trolls who did this to Leslie on Wednesday haven’t been found out. Whether or not they ever get caught, the damage has been done. As KATU reported, the hacker gained access to either Jones’ iCloud account or her phone. Leslie had private nude photos stored, which the hacker posted to the website. Since the attack, the website has been taken down.

In addition to the very personal photos, the online assailant also posted images of Jones’ driver’s license and passport, leaving her personal information exposed as well. At the time of this writing, Leslie Jones has not responded to the incident, nor has anyone spoken on her behalf. Her most recent post to Twitter was from Tuesday, as she put out the reminder that her birthday is on September 7.

The actress hasn’t posted anything to her Instagram account since returning from her visit to the Rio Summer Olympics. This was an especially cruel attack on a celebrity who did little more than star in a movie as a black woman. While the comedienne has been able to roll with the punches in the past by bringing the bullying issue to light and trying to find solutions to the problem, this attack amounted to more than just racial slurs and sexist commentary.

The fans who didn’t like Leslie Jones being in the new Ghostbusters movie started a horrific online campaign comparing Leslie to a gorilla. She discussed the problem last month with former Saturday Night Live cast member Seth Meyers on The Late Show. Rather than giving up social media altogether because of the harassment, Jones has worked directly with Twitter and Facebook to shut down the accounts of trolls who cross the line. It will be interesting to see how she responds to this attack.


And as if the story of Harambe the Gorilla hadn’t already been exploited enough, the hackers posted a video of the departed Cincinnati Zoo attraction on Leslie’s website as well. Rubbing salt into the wound, the criminals not only went to the trouble of posting her private photos and personal information, but they had to reiterate the cruel, racist joke that had already caused Jones so much pain that she took a temporary break from Twitter.

This comes on the news that Leslie’s big summer movie Ghostbusters isn’t likely to warrant a sequel. As noted by the Boston Herald, the film has to make $300 million at the box office to break even, after a production cost of $144 million and a marketing budget of $150 million. While the huge uproar of many Ghostbusters fanboys upset about the all-female squad wouldn’t have been enough to prevent the sequel, a poor financial performance certainly would be.

Leslie Jones at the Ghostbusters premiere. [Photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]
While it’s still unclear if and when the Leslie Jones website will be back up, the comedienne is scheduled to be a part of the SNL Season 42 premiere on October 1 on NBC.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

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