Is Bravo Trying To Replace Kathryn Dennis On ‘Southern Charm?’

Fans know by now that Southern Charm has started filming, and still, no Kathryn Dennis. Even Bravo couldn’t argue that Kathryn has been the ratings booster in past seasons, so it seems that they are adding others in an attempt to “replace Kathryn,” but will it work? Even Kathryn’s detractors would admit that Southern Charm just wouldn’t be the same without a bit of ginger spice.

Twitter has been ablaze with fans exclaiming that without Kathryn Dennis, they can’t imagine watching Southern Charm. The Inquisitr confirmed at this time that Kathryn Dennis is not any part of the Southern Charm cast for season four at this time, but Thomas Ravenel, Shep, Landon, and Cameran are on board. For now, Whitney and mama Pat are not part of the current cast.


Limehouse, 19, is the daughter of South Carolina Representative Chip Limehouse, and an avid polo player on her father’s team, Limehouse Produce. Sources are saying that Southern Charm producers are “grooming the young bombshell” as one of several “replacements” for Kathryn Dennis.


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So at this time, there is no agreement between Kathryn Dennis and the Southern Charm producers. When asked about the buzz that Bravo is looking to replace her, Kathryn responded tongue firmly in cheek.

“I’m irreplaceable.”

Kathryn Dennis also confirmed that at this time, she is not part of Southern Charm season four, but the two parties are still in talks.

“We shall see. You never know.”

For the record, Thomas Ravenel’s Brookland team beat Limehouse Produce 12-4.


Other cast members have confirmed that season four of Southern Charm is indeed filming, according to Reality Tea. Ironically, Thomas Ravenel, who usually comes forward to quit Southern Charm and announce that he is severing his relationship with Bravo, confirmed that Southern Charm Season 4 is underway, albeit in an odd way.

A message left by Thomas Ravenel on the voicemail of a mystery trainer to say that he needed some emergency help to lose his “beer gut,” because season four of Southern Charm is underway. Reality Tea says that some things never change.

“Oh T-Rav. Some things never change. You are never going to shed your playboy ways, and the ladies who turn your head are never going to quit exploiting your advances for a quick fifteen seconds. All aboard!”


But one Southern Charm cast member has officially taken his last curtain call. Cooper Ray posted on Twitter that he was leaving the show, with the words “Ciao for now.”

“It’s been fun and it’s been real. But.. You know the rest. Thus, I have retired from @Bravotv #SouthernCharm”

Cooper Ray is going on to pursue new projects, and if his hilarious Snapchats are any indication he won’t be quiet for long.

Another former friend of Southern Charm, Jennifer Snowden is said to now be a full cast member of the show, says the Inquisitr. Snowden, who was visibly pregnant at the Southern Charm reunion has just given birth to a baby boy, Ascher, who was diagnosed in utero with encephalocele, a rare neurological disorder. Whether or not Jennifer’s new motherhood will be a storyline on Southern Charm is still not known.

But fans of Southern Charm are still waiting for the final word, as the clock is ticking on season four, which is actively shooting around South Carolina. Will Kathryn Dennis and Bravo be able to find common ground? Fans seem hopeful.

Would you watch Southern Charm if Kathryn is not on the show?

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