‘Southern Charm’ Season 4 Is Shooting, But Where Are Kathryn And Whitney? Who’s In, Who’s Out?

The secrets of Southern Charm Season 4 are being closely guarded, and it will not look like the Southern Charm that fans have come to love. Though there is much buzz about who is in and who is out, after a season of the highest ratings yet. Shooting has just started in and around Charleston, but some key members of the cast are missing.

One of the original components of Southern Charm seems not to have just left Charleston, but rather left the country for Italy, and that is former executive producer, Whitney Sudler-Smith, according to the Inquisitr. Multiple reports claim that Whitney might be back but for now, he has not signed back on. Whitney is said to be working on other projects, and has moved his home base to Venice, Italy, but he will always be tied to Charleston, and Southern Charm, as his mama Pat is still there, and very much involved in the plotting for the show.

K. Cooper Ray, who caught the attention of fans after getting spurned by Mama Pat for supporting Kathryn Dennis on Season 3 of Southern Charm, made an official announcement on Twitter that he is no longer affiliated with Bravo or Southern Charm. But as usual, he posted “Ciao for now,” leaving some hope for fans that they will see him again in the future.

“It’s been fun and it’s been real. But.. You know the rest. Thus, I have retired from @Bravotv #SouthernCharm ”

Suggesting perhaps that the cast of Southern Charm is stuck in some kind of stasis, K. Cooper Ray says he is choosing to grow up.

“Maturity is learning to walk away from people & situations that threaten your peace of mind, self respect, values, morals or self -worth.”

But K. Cooper Ray seems optimistic about the change.

“This Peter Pan is finally growing up. Next chapter. And how exciting it will be! ????


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But now that Cooper is officially out, Whitney is on the fence, and Kathryn Calhoun Dennis isn’t shooting Southern Charm Season 4, who is? Word has is that Jennifer Snowden, who was scheduled to give birth to her baby boy this morning, has been shooting as part of the cast, and will continue, which might seem odd to Southern Charm fans, as Jennifer was thought to be part of team Kathryn.

Since season three of Southern Charm was all about alliances, but it seems that Jennifer, who was once tossed from Patricia’s party as a traitor and a spy, is now good with the “cool kids” once again.

Bustle described the feud that laid the whole Kathryn versus Patricia and Whitney as one that was not going to be healed anytime soon. It seems that this parting of the ways has not put Kathryn and Cooper on the outs, and now Jennifer in. The two teams have their supporters and detractors, who all had opinions after K. Cooper Ray said that Patricia Altschul’s problem with Kathryn is that Kathryn reminds Pat of herself, and her numerous marriages and rise in society after being born middle class in Florida.

But perhaps the biggest surprise is the return of Thomas Ravenel to Southern Charm, after he quit for perhaps the fourth time this spring. In the past, Thomas Ravenel had insisted that he regretted having anything to do with Southern Charm, Bravo, and Andy Cohen, and that the show did more harm to him than his drug conviction and prison time for cocaine, according to the LaLate.

“Enjoy Southern Charm if you like me in it bc this will be my last season. They pay peanuts and destroy your life in the process.”

This was Ravenel’s statement allegedly after filming the season three Southern Charm reunion.

Thomas Ravenel seemed very sure that he was done with Southern Charm, but he has been seen shooting with cast member Shep Rose.

“Since I am so insanely portrayed on SC; never will I work with them again. This is supposed to be reality not fiction.”


Will you watch Southern Charm with no Kathryn and no Whitney?

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