‘Southern Charm’ Season 4 Looks Unlikely As Whitney Sudler-Smith Moves To Italy

After an explosive Season 3 on Southern Charm, fans are waiting to see if there will be a Season 4 of their favorite Bravo show, but now that executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith has reportedly made the move to Italy, a new season of Southern Charm seems unlikely. Previously, Whitney Sudler-Smith actually spent most of the year in Los Angeles, and mostly stayed at his mother’s house in Charleston, South Carolina, where Southern Charm was shot, but the commute from Italy is a bit further than Los Angeles.

A new season of Southern Charm seemed up in the air based on the way Season 3 of Southern Charm ended, as during the reunion, the court battle between two of the cast mates, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, had just launched. The two are still working out the custody details, and continue with court dates, according to the Inquisitr. Even fans that would like to see the show continue would agree that actually being on the show is likely not good for Dennis, Ravenel, or the children.

At the end of Season 3 of Southern Charm, Whitney Sudler-Smith, 48, announced that his girlfriend Larissa Marolt, 24, was making the move to live with him in Los Angeles. It seems that Marolt wasn’t ready to move in with Sudler-Smith, and so he has moved to Europe instead.


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So according to Bravo Watch, Whitney Sudler-Smith posted photos of his new Venice digs on his Instagram account. It’s unclear if Sudler-Smith is still looking for a place in Venice, Italy, or if he’s still shopping, but regardless, Italy is a long way from South Carolina and his Southern Charm friends.

Bravo Watch also says that Whitney is working on new shows that are similar to Southern Charm, but decidedly not Southern Charm.

Whitney Sudler-Smith and his mother, New York transplant Patricia Altschul seemed particularly upset last season after Southern Charm cast member Craig Conover suggested that the reason behind the rift between Whitney and Kathryn Dennis was due to the fact that Whitney felt spurned by Kathryn, according to the Inquisitr.

When Craig confronted Whitney with this idea, Whitney lost it, turned red and started yelling. After that, he cut his part of the trip to Shep’s mountain home short. But when fans watched season one of Southern Charm, Whitney spoke of Kathryn’s pedigree in being “a Calhoun” as if she were a prized show horse. Now Whitney says that it was simply a hook up, and he couldn’t be happier that Kathryn went off with his friend Thomas Ravenel instead.

But since Kathryn and Whitney called in quits in season one of Southern Charm, Whitney has been dating another young woman, Austrian model Larissa Marolt, says Bravo. Marolt competed in the German version of the next top model and has made several television appearances in addition to Southern Charm.

Larissa has also been on the German version of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and Germany’s Let’s Dance, which is a German dance competition similar to Dancing With the Stars. Fans of Southern Charm have noted the lack of chemistry between Larissa Marolt and Whitney Sudler-Smith, but maybe the age difference doesn’t translate on reality television.

But the question is still whether Bravo will will renew Southern Charm without the input of Whitney Sudler-Smith. The other executive producer of note, Bryan Kestner is also off of the project, so maybe Bravo is simply in search of a new producer?

Do you think that Whitney announcing his move to Italy is another sign that Southern Charm is done?

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