Five Reasons ‘Southern Charm’ Would Not Be The Same Without Kathryn Dennis

Love her or hate her, there is no denying that the stand-out star of the Bravo show Southern Charm is Kathryn Calhoun Dennis. The nearly-six-foot redhead walked into Season 1 as a “friend of” Southern Charm, and soon was stealing every frame. Now, with the difficult decision whether to return for a fourth season in the lap of Bravo, even those who can’t stand Kathryn can’t imagine what the show would look like without her.

It was recently reported that Southern Charm’s Kathryn Calhoun Dennis had returned to Charleston, South Carolina, after a summer at a Malibu Rehab Facility. Kathryn looked well rested, according to the Inquisitr, but even her fans were wondering if the mother of two really took enough time to herself to return to her life with two kids under three as a full-time single parent, sharing the parenting with the father of St. Julien and Kensie with dad Thomas Ravenel. For reality television, attractive, unpredictable, headline-grabbing women are ratings gold. But looking at a possible Season 4 for Southern Charm, is it really possible that the franchise could move on without that southern storm called Kathryn?

1) Without Kathryn Dennis, Who Would Say What Fans At Home Were Thinking?

Let’s face it: on Southern Charm, Kathryn is the anti-Landon. Landon is oh so sweet, and her voice gets high-pitched when it comes to seeking help on her path in life. But spoiler Kathryn isn’t having it, and refers to Landon’s voice as that of a dolphin. Never one to keep quiet, Kathryn drops the boom on Landon, letting Landon and all of those watching Southern Charm know that the romantic getaway Landon went on with Thomas Ravenel was actually planned for her and Ravenel. Kathryn shared that when she told Ravenel she wouldn’t be sharing his bed, he went looking for someone who would, last minute, and ended up with Landon.


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2) With Even Craig Pairing Off With A Partner, Southern Charm Needs An Unattached Woman Dating

Now that Kathryn has decided Thomas Ravenel isn’t the man for her, she is ready to get back into the dating world, and find the right partner and a possible step-dad and male role model for her kids. It’s hard to deny that Kathryn still has some electricity with Shep, and ever since Shep let Landon down easy, have Shep and Kathryn completely closed the door on giving things another go? It’s unlikely, but reality television thrives on the what if, and the level of discomfort this would cause the rest of the cast.

3) Southern Charm Without Kathryn Dennis Would Leave Too Many Questions Unanswered.

Though the end of the Southern Charm reunion seemed to indicate that there would be a bit more serenity going forward, few fans of the show were buying the aura of forgiveness. The buzz about the court battle between Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel had just hit the media, and questions about who would be the best parent for the kids and who was really drinking and drugging too much was up in the air. Thomas said court testing proved that Kathryn failed a drug test and was using, while Kathryn claimed that Thomas had a heads-up and had shaved all of his body hair to avoid a failing grade.

4) Fans Of Kathryn Dennis Want To See Her Succeed, While Those Who Hate Her Are Dying To See Her Fall On Her Face

In this situation, Kathryn Dennis is best likened to Bethenny Frankel on RHONY. When Bethenny first appeared on RHONY, she was poor in comparison to the other ladies, so fans of the show cheered for her with SkinnyGirl, and then finding Mr. Right with Jason. Then, many of the same people delighted to see her marriage crumble and watch her wrestle with lawsuits. As a result, Bethenny now gets the biggest payday, because viewers tune in to see if she will sink or swim, with viewers divided on what outcome they are cheering for.

5) If Not For Kathryn, Who Will Patricia And Her Minions Complain About On Southern Charm?

Sure, Patricia can always blame the end of days in Charleston Society on K. Cooper Ray, but the reason that the friendship between Patricia and K. Cooper Ray soured is because of his alliance with Kathryn. Sure, Patricia will cast her hairy eyeball at Thomas Ravenel here and there, but most of the time, it was because he impregnated Kathryn.

So it seems that Charleston and Southern Charm would be just a bit vanilla without the scandalous redhead.

Would you watch Southern Charm without Kathryn Dennis?

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