Blackpool Resident, 12, Tried As Being Youngest Male-On-Male Rapist In British Court History

A young boy from Blackpool, Lancashire, England has become the second youngest male to be tried for rape in the European country, as well as the youngest rapist overall to ever face a judge for same-sex rape.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the individual, now 12-years-old, admitted to sexually assaulting a 9-year-old male around 15 times over the past year. It has also been alleged that while out on bail for that crime, the Blackpool boy also raped a 7-year-old boy, as well as a disabled male who was 11, twice. All of the instances were said to have taken place between April of last year and August of this year, when the defendant himself was just 11-years-old.


According to the Daily Mail mention, the young Blackpool resident, whose name cannot be revealed due to his age, was said to have been caught in the act by the mother of his 9-year-old victim following her noticing his whispering through a baby monitor. When she approached her son’s attacker, he quickly stood up and supposedly responded, “I am sorry, I don’t know why I did it.”

While being interviewed by law enforcement specialists for the troubling matter, the victim reportedly admitted to being raped every single time that he and the Blackpool boy played together. He was also supposedly told to keep their interactions private from his mother, which he did until his eventual admission during the investigation into the troubling matter.

During their first inquisition of the Blackpool child, it was revealed that he had also groped a 7-year-old boy outside of his pants. Furthermore, after making bail for the rape of the 9-year-old, he then accosted an 11-year-old disabled boy and sexually touched him twice. To keep him silent, the Blackpool assailant was said to have given the handicapped child a toy sword.

Despite the inherently dark nature of the crime, the defendant’s council, Brett Chappell, argued to the Blackpool Magistrates’ Court on Monday that the young boy is incredibly regretful for his actions, and is also a sexual abuse victim himself. He also relayed that the child understood that he needed some kind of help for his problems and was looking forward to doing so in the near future.

Prosecutor Kerry Grieve, meanwhile, saw things very differently, saying that the Blackpool boy could strike again, if given the chance to walk free from his crimes.

The accused is a resident of Blackpool, Lancashire. [Photo by DavidCPhotography/iStock]

“He has been assessed as a high-risk [individual] of joining in further [deviant] sexual behavior,” Grieve expressed to the judge overlooking the matter. “He used some grooming of the other boys. The Crown would say a custodial sentence is appropriate in this case.”

There is no word on how much time, if any, the young Blackpool boy is currently facing. As of now, he is being held in a juvenile detention facility while awaiting his sentencing.

As previously mentioned, the child from Blackpool is not the first-youngest person to be tried for such a crime in Britain. Yet another 11-year-old boy, this one from Plymouth, Devon, was said to have charged back in August of this year for allegedly carrying out two sexual-based attacks against his younger sister, then 9, so says the Daily Mail.

In that instance, the purported assaulter, whose identity could also not be revealed due to his age, was said to have taken images of an incestuous act. He was forced to add his name to a sex offenders’ list and ordered to refrain from having contact with his younger siblings.

“I know it must be tough for you not to see your brothers and sisters,” judge District Judge Diane Baker stated before handing down a year-long intensive referral order, “but that’s going to have to remain until it’s safe.”

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