Disabled Pot Growing Grandma Attacks Intruders With Bear Spray, Wins The Battle

A disabled grandmother who grows marijuana in her backyard managed to fight off 13 intruders earlier this week. The woman, whose identity is being kept secret for her own protection, revealed that she went to answer an early morning knock on her door but not before grabbing a can of bear spray.

Speaking to CBS Sacramento, the grandmother proclaims:

“I’ve always jokingly said, ‘if someone tries to take my income, I’m going to fight. They’re going to have to fight me.”

What makes her story so much more exciting and terrifying is that one of the men was pointing a shotgun at her head, yet she was the person keeping her cool and taking first action.

The grandma explains the harrowing moment:

“I couldn’t get the safety off. I didn’t realize it until it was all over with how dangerous it was.”

It wasn’t until she started counting the fleeing bodies that the bear spray fighting grandma realized how many criminals she had defeated.

While she acknowledges that attacking the men could have ended very differently, the disabled grandmother says she would “do it again” and that her decision was based on the principle of the attack.

It should be noted that the medical marijuana is the grandmother’s only source of income, but she has decided to stop her growing business in order to keep her grandchildren safe.

In the meantime, perhaps at least 13 criminals in Sacramento need to find a job less dangerous than attacking a disabled grandmother. Could you imagine that story spreading to your criminal friends?