Austin Harrouff Update: FBI Started Testing For Flakka And Bath Salts Last Week

Amy Feinstein

It has been nearly six weeks since Austin Harrouff, a Florida State University student, attacked and killed a couple in their Jupiter, Florida garage. Harrouff was found trying to "eat the face and abdomen" of the male victim, John Stevens, and exhibiting other odd behavior. Harrouff was tested for the usual drugs, including opiates, marijuana, cocaine, and PCP, but the hospital was not able to test for the more exotic drugs on-site. Beginning last week, the FBI began testing Austin Harrouff's blood for things like Flakka, bath salts, and spice.

Dr. Wade Harrouff, a Florida dentist and father of Austin Harrouff, claims that his son is still in the hospital, and continues to deteriorate, according to the Inquisitr. Wade Harrouff believes that his son Austin suffered some sort of breakdown, as his behavior was out of character. Wade Harrouff says that in the weeks before this tragic event, Austin Harrouff's behavior had been off, and that might have led to the meltdown. For now, there seems to be no explanation as to why Austin Harrouff attacked people and exhibited cannibalistic behavior.


Snyder says that the most common question he is being asked is "What is taking so long with the toxicology?" Snyder, who also seems frustrated, says that he has asked the FBI to expedite the tests, and was informed that testing began last week.

"That's new information, that just now they have their hands on that blood, that the blood is going under the microscope and they're analyzing it for the possibility there are bath salts in there."

"We're really not in a position to push on them; it's a national lab -- I mean, you can see recently we've had some pretty big terrorist cases -- that's a lot of evidence so we have to wait our turn in line."
"Yeah, it's a little bit hard and I've got a son that was almost killed, and we don't have any answers, why?"

Do you think that even though he cannot speak, Austin Harrouff should have been officially charged and arrested by now?

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