Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Bipolar Disorder Treatment Makes For Tricky Re-Election

Jesse Jackson Jr. may see his career in Congress come to an end as his medical leave for bipolar disorder has prevented him from campaigning for re-election.

The wife of the Illinois Congressman said he may not be back to work before the election next month, and voters are beginning to express concern as to why Jesse Jackson Jr. is running if his medical condition is preventing him from working, CBS News reported.

Jackson’s bout with bipolar disorder has kept him away from Washington since the spring when he left work to get treatment. Since then, he hasn’t returned to his congressional offices in Washington, D.C., and isn’t campaigning, CBS News noted.

His wife Sandi said that Jackson wants to return to work and campaign but doesn’t have a set date when he will be able to get back.

“I know that he is anxious to do so, but he is also under doctor’s orders to stay very calm, very quiet, and he is going to do that,” she said.


His wife Sandi also noted that Jesse Jackson Jr. has no intention of stepping down and letting another Democrat run, Reuters reported.

“He is on the ballot and he’s going to stay on the ballot,” she said, according to the newspaper. “And I’m looking forward to him coming back to work after his re-election. No last minute switcheroos. He would never do that and I would never want that for him.”

When Jesse Jackson Jr. disappeared from Congress in June, there was no explanation, with his office giving several different reasons for his absence before finally revealing that he was at the Mayo Clinic for treatment.

Despite his absence, Jesse Jackson Jr. could still sail to re-election. He lives in a heavily Democratic district, and the 18-year veteran of Congress has built up much goodwill among voters in the district.