Jesse Jackson Jr. Home From Mayo Clinic

US Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. has returned home to Washington after being treated for bipolar disorder at the Mayo Clinic, according to Jackson’s chief of staff.

Jackson aide Rick Bryant announced Jackson’s return on Friday, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, saying:

“He’s at home in Washington convalescing with his wife and children. Let’s hope he returns to work on Monday.”

Bryant was not sure when the Illinois congressman was discharged from the Mayo Clinic, and a spokesman for the clinic, Chris Gade, simply referred all questions to the Illinois representative’s office.

The Huffington Post notes that Jackson secretly went on medical leave in June after a family member reported him collapsing at home. Amid questions of Jackson’s whereabouts from both parties, his office announced in August that Jesse Jackson Jr. was being treated at May for depression.

The Rochester, Minnesota clinic later revealed that Jackson was undergoing treatment for Bipolaar II, meaning he suffers from periodic episodes of depression and hypomania.

Jackson’s family members have given few comments to the public about their son’s condition, but have pointed out the stress of his job and political disappointments over the years as reasons for his depression.

Jackson had his sights set on being either a US Senator of Chicago’s mayor, but his hopes have dimmed after allegations about his connections with former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who is currently in prison on corruption charges.

The timing of his medical leave has also been under scrutiny, as Jackson’s office announced the leave days after a former fundraiser connected to the allegations was arrested on unrelated charges. A pending House Ethics Committee investigation will focus on allegations that the Illinois representative discussed raising money for Blagojevich’s campaign, so that the former Illinois governor would then appoint him to President Obama’s open Senate seat.

With Jesse Jackson Jr. being back from medical leave, he may return to the House of Representatives on Monday, when they return from summer recess.

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