Want a celebrity baby? There’s sperm for that.

Typically sperm banks have used the selling power of brains over beauty. High IQ’s through smart people looking to spread their genome for so much a pop. That is what typically brings people in need, or desire, to the high priced sperm banks that promise discretion and excellent SAT scores.

But our world is changing and celebrities of all kinds are the new models of what people want for their children, and the more famous the better. Hence the arrival of celebrity look-a-like sperm banks like the one that has seen a Los Angeles based sperm bank, California Cryobank, spin-off a celebrity-inspired Donor Look-A-Like service.

The service has proven to be so popular, with 300 percent more traffic to their main site than usual, that the company is opening a branch in New York. Of course the donors aren’t the celebrities themselves but rather men who look like some celebrity which means there is a lot of subjective decision making going on.

The company’s process of attributing a celebrity to a donor could never be termed scientific. Male and female employees of varying ages make up the assigning committee. They meet, put each donor’s picture up on a projector, and then argue about whom he looks like. Scott Brown, California Cryobank’s communications manager, says it’s more complex than it seems. “There’s a lot that goes into it. It’s not just sitting in a room deciding who looks like Ben Affleck,” he says. “What sounded really easy got complicated when we realized that people see people in completely different ways. So we’re very concerned about misleading clients. One rule we made was that a donor never gets just one celeb. And one of our representatives can always get on the phone and explain.”

Source: Daily Intel – Dreaming of Celebrity Genes: Donor Look-A-Like Sperm Bank Comes to NYC


The really sad thing about this is that I an see it being a booming business.