The CW App: CW Announces All TV Shows Available For Free

CW Announces The CW App Will Be Free

The CW app is a popular way for many people to watch their favorite TV shows back. For fall 2016, the CW has announced there will be a slight change. All the programs will be available on multiple devices for free.

There will be no need to login or pay for any subscriptions to watch your favorite TV shows. The CW app will be available on all Apple and Android devices. It will also be available through Amazon Fire, Chromecast, and more. The announcement about the CW app and streaming was made on the official CW website.

You will no longer need to worry about where you can watch the programs, especially now that Hulu will no longer air the most recent five episodes of CW shows. You won’t need to wait for Netflix to air the full seasons eight days after the season finales of your favorite shows. Any and all CW programs will be available through this app, including The Flash, Arrow, and Supernatural.

There will also be access to past shows and episodes, including The OC and Whose Line Is It Anyway. You will be able to get push notifications for your favorite shows, so you are alerted as soon as they are available on the CW app.

Most of the episodes are available the day after they air on the CW. Fans of the app in the past have said that the episodes are available around midnight after the episodes air on the channel. They are then available indefinitely, so you don’t have to worry about catching up with the programs quickly like you did with Hulu.

The downside to this option is that it is only available in the United States. It, unfortunately, does ask for permission to a lot of seemingly unnecessary access to your device. Access required includes to your contact list, your phone status, and to read and modify the contents of your USB storage.

What other ways are there to stream the episodes of your favorite shows if you can’t get access to the free CW app? One of the most convenient ways is through Amazon Prime. You can pay for a yearly subscription—and even get a free trial for a month—to see all the benefits of the service. Episodes are available to stream around midnight the night before the episodes air in the United States. If you don’t have access to Amazon Prime, you can pay individually to stream the episodes.

Streaming is also available through the likes of iTunes, Google Play, and the Xbox Marketplace, according to Movie Pilot.

For those who only want to pay for Netflix, you will need to wait for your favorite TV shows to be available. The most recent seasons aren’t even available for the CW shows, yet. It is likely that they will be available on or by the premiere dates of the seasons.

There is some confusion over whether the CW app will be available worldwide, which starts free with no subscriptions from next week. The advertising on the Facebook page hints it will be worldwide, as it states the word “everywhere,” but it is likely that the advertisement was targeted for the U.S. audience. CW hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

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The CW and Netflix have signed an exclusivity deal. All shows will be available in full on Netflix eight days after the season finales. These are usually around May after the October they premiere. Supernatural Season 11 finished on May 25, 2016. If this is the date for the Season 12 finale next year, the whole of Season 12 will be available June 2, 2017.

There will be options for streaming the CW shows for the fall TV 2016 schedule, which the Inquisitr reports will start from October 4, 2016. While the CW app will be available for free from next week, it is only currently available for those in the United States.

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