When Will ‘The Flash’ Season 2 Come To Netflix?

It seems like forever since The Flash Season 2 was on the air. Since its finale in May, fans have wanted to know when it will make its way to Netflix. There was hope that it would come sooner rather than later, but so far it hasn’t been confirmed.

Hulu announced that the last five episodes of the season would be removed from the streaming service on September 18. This has led to theories that Netflix would bring The Flash and the other CW shows to its service then. Why leave a gap for fans?

So far, there isn’t a sign of The Flash Season 3 coming to Netflix. There is nothing at all listed for September 18. This doesn’t mean that it definitely won’t come. Maybe Netflix is leaving it as a surprise for the CW fans.

However, it looks unlikely that the show will hit the streaming service before the usual date. Season 1 came to Netflix on October 6. This happened to be the same date as the premiere of The Flash Season 2, according to FanSided‘s Netflix Life. It is very likely that Season 2 will follow suit, being released on the same date as the premiere of The Flash Season 3.

If the release date theory is true, that would mean the show isn’t going to come to Netflix until October 4, 2016. This is the confirmed premiere of The Flash Season 3. Fans will need to quickly get caught up or watch the first episode of the new season and then catch up on Season 2 during the week.

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It’s not going to be that easy to fit time in for The Flash anymore. The CW now has four superhero shows that fans will want to tune into, running on consecutive nights. Supergirl kicks the week off on Mondays, followed by The Flash and Arrow. Legends of Tomorrow will cap the week off on Thursdays with its second season.

Why isn’t The Flash Season 2 on Netflix already? Wasn’t there a licensing deal between Netflix and The CW? Yes, but this wasn’t for the previous season. The deal will kick in for the 2016-2017 programming. That means that eight days after The Flash Season 3 finale, the whole of Season 3 will be available for streaming on Netflix.

The CW hasn’t wanted to do anything like this before out of fear of not getting the boxset sales. It will be interesting to see what fans choose to do, especially with rumors that Netflix is going to increase its pricing because customers are happy with paying more for the service.

Hulu has lost the rights to streaming, which is why all the shows will be removed off its service from September 18. This is the case for all CW shows on the service, so if you want to catch up on The Flash and others, make sure you check them out now!

The good news is that episodes will still be available for streaming through CWTV.com. This may not be the easiest service to use, but at least there is an option for those who want to catch up with The Flash Season 2 before the premiere date next month.

There isn’t long to wait now for Season 3. It is highly likely that there isn’t long to wait for The Flash Season 2 coming to Netflix, either.

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