2016 Nevada Voter Fraud Allegation: 'Irrefutable Evidence Of Corruption' Favoring Clinton

Voter fraud allegations are being made by a Nevada Democrat and former candidate for congress, Dan Rolle, who is now telling fellow Democrats he is sorry and wishes he had known more about what apparently began in 2012 with changes made to the Nevada voter system files and continued until February 21 of this year when caucus votes in Nevada were announced to the world before they were counted.

Unfortunately for supporters of Bernie Sanders, that might have meant a different outcome for their choice to be the Democratic nominee this year.

Democratic supporters "cooked" the voter files in order to "rig Nevada win for Clinton," according to the report from Michael Sainato about the voter fraud allegations in Nevada, in the Observer. Sainato also writes that the DNC has shown a bias for Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 election process, in another story on the website, that highlights the failings of the organization. The sub-heading on that latter story is important to note.

"The Democratic Establishment is shamelessly breaking their own rules and regulations to get Clinton into office."
Rolle sent out a tweet previously that stated, according to polling data 70 percent of new voter registrations in Nevada were Sanders supporters, and therefore, based on turnout, Sanders should have beat Clinton "by 12 points."Just for a little background information, according to voting information for Nevada on a New York Daily News website page, Hillary Clinton looks to have received 52.62 percent while rival Bernie Sanders received 47.31 percent on February 21, the night of the Nevada Democratic Caucus.

2016 Democratic Voter Fraud Allegation Favors Hillary over Bernie Sanders
Former Democratic Presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia [Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]

Rolle recorded video with a brief explanation on the matter. Below is the tweet from Dan Rolle on his voter fraud observation, where he also states that he has "irrefutable evidence that the Democratic Party colluded with Hillary Clinton" and he also made the point that it seems to have actually started in 2012 with changes being made to the voter files.

"I wish I had known more," said Rolle. He also adds that he wishes he could have stopped "the crippling" of the democratic process.

"The caucus results in February in Nevada were announced to the world before the votes were tabulated," Rolle says in the video."I can prove it from people on the ground."

Also, it appears to another Twitter user that last year, the DNC was committing "shillary" before many voters even were allowed to vote.

The Observer has also reported that the strategy for the DNC seemed to be holding "a limited debate schedule strategically presented at times when viewership would be low," until voters protested that fact, and to have "super delegates overwhelmingly [come] out to support" Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, her rival for the party nomination. Add to the fact that the DNC also seemed to want less new voters voting, so Clinton could be the nominee, and voila, the scenario for the future might be troubling to some.

Voter Fraud Allegations favoring Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden in 2009 [Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]

Beyond these current Nevada voter fraud allegations, which favor Clinton over her 2016 main rival Sanders, at least one commentator, Rachel Maddow, has pointed out the problem. It's a new notion for Democrats to ponder this year, perhaps, per the quote from DailyKos writer Egberto Willies.

"Last time caucuses in Nevada marked the fourth time in a row that Republicans have set a record for voter turnout this year. Republicans have voted in four states so far this year and in every single one they have broken the voter turnout record for that state."
It may be, that in the zeal to assure themselves that Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic Party's nomination process to Hillary Clinton this year, Democrats have actually shot themselves in the foot.

The voter fraud allegations will play out over the upcoming days perhaps, but the DNC betrayal and the Clinton-bias may not sit too well with Sanders voters.

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