‘Sister Cities’ Lifetime Movie: Dark Family Secrets And Death Highlighted In New TV Flick

Sister Cities is an exciting new movie that Lifetime Television will unveil this Saturday night. Already appearing at Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival, the rights were acquired by Lifetime. The new television movie is based on Colette Freedman’s stage play Sister Cities, which tells the story of four sisters who reconnect after the sudden death of their mother. It was directed by Sean Hanish and written by Colette Freedman.

Cast Info For Sister Cities

According to IMDb, the film stars Troian Bellisario as Baltimore, Stana Katic as Carolina, Michelle Trachtenberg as Dallas, Jess Weixler as Austin, Jacki Weaver as Mary Baxter, Alfred Molina as Mort, Amy Smart as Young Mary, Tom Everett Scott as Chief Brady, Kathy Baker as Janis, Kaia Gerber as Young Carolina, Aimee Garcia as Sarah, Patrick Davis as Carlos, Roxie Hanish as Young Carolina, Fidel Gomez as Young Mort, Ava Kolker as Young Austin, Kayla Levine as Young Dallas, Colette Freedman as Bronte, Sunil Malhotra as Spencer, and Serendipity Lilliana as Young Baltimore.

Sister Cities Lifetime Movie Synopsis

On a Friday afternoon, the sisters are called to return home after their mother is found dead in the bathtub. Estranged and vastly different, each sister packs their bags and heads home. By the time these sisters arrive, their mother is still lying dead in the bathtub.

It appears to be a suicide, but the local authorities are beginning to believe that this is a homicide. Now, the sisters have their own questions while they deal with sisterly issues, family drama, and one big secret that may end up bringing them closer together or tearing them apart forever.


In an interview with Mingle Media TV Network, Sister Cities’ Colette Freedman stated that she enjoyed working on the film with these four women, who all bring their own strong characters into the roles. The sisters, who have all been named after a city, are diverse and flawed but strong, according to Freedman. The Sister Cities play came to the stage almost a decade ago and is now making its way to the screen.

Producers of the television film wanted as many viewers as possible to see the movie, and with Lifetime Television’s dedicated fan base, it seemed like a good fit, according to Variety.

“Our goal with ‘Sister Cities’ has always been to get the film in front of as many people as possible, and Lifetime has proved to be the preeminent network to reach viewers who love films with strong female characters and performances. After the overwhelming success of ‘Return to Zero’ on Lifetime, we’re thrilled to partner with the `Fempire’ a second time with ‘Sister Cities.”

Although the dark-humored comedy is unique, it still weaves in all of the real issues that any normal family would have to deal with, such as the death of a loved one, family resentments, and estrangement. New York Theatre described the Sister Cities stage play as wise, warm, and witty.

“The play is mostly about how a family copes with grief and change and each other; it is, in a way, almost Chekhovian in that very little actually happens in the play, except that the sisters communicate and eventually find a way to tell the truth—to themselves and to each other—and those truths are…sometimes…perhaps…freeing. There’s also an important plot surprise that shapes a key debate within the play, but I don’t want to spoil it here; I really want you to see Sister Cities for yourself, and take it all in the way it’s meant to be experienced, without knowing too much about any of these extraordinary women.”

According to her website, Colette Freedman is an internationally acclaimed playwright with more than 25 plays under her belt. She is also known for her riveting novels and the musical Serial Killer Barbie.

Lifetime’s Sister Cities is produced by Cannonball Productions, with Kelly Kahl and Alfred Molina as executive producers. Be sure to tune into the Sister Cities movie premiere this Saturday, September 17 at 8/7 p.m. Central on the Lifetime Channel. The movie Backstabbed aired on Lifetime television last week.

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