‘Unwanted Guest’: In Lifetime Movie College Coed Turns Deadly, Stars Ted King, Kate Mansi Of ‘Days Of Our Lives’

Unwanted Guest is a Lifetime movie that is sure to keep viewers riveted this Saturday night. Starring Days Of Our Lives‘ Kate Mansi, Unwanted Guest, centers around a college student who allows her classmate to come to her home during the holidays, where her friend slowly begins to take over their entire lives. Along with Kate Mansi, the original movie stars Beth Littleford, Ted King, Henderson Wade, and Valentina Novakovic.

Lifetime Television: Unwanted Guest Movie Synopsis

With no where to go after tragedy strikes the local campus, Christine invites her classmate Amy to spend the holidays at her family’s home. A person was found dead at the college, and now police are investigating what may have happened. Amy and Christine are glad to be getting away from the murder scene and are looking forward to enjoying their school break with Christine’s mother and father.

When they first arrive, Amy looks like the matronly sweet girl, but in the blink of an eye she transforms into a sexy young vixen who has her eyes on Christine’s father. Her intentions don’t go unnoticed by Christine’s mother, who has connected a series of bizarre and unfortunate events inside the house to Amy.

Believing that his wife is simply jealous of the pretty young coed, he assures her that her suspicions are way off the mark. But when Christine suddenly takes ill and an almost deadly accident occurs, it is all too obvious that Amy has sinister intentions.

Meanwhile, the police want to question Amy, who they suspect may know more than she is telling about the dead body that was found on the university grounds. But before Amy goes down, she stirs up even more chaos, showing that she is determined to destroy Christine and her perfect little family.

Will Christine be able to save her family in time? And will the police finally take custody of the unwanted guest before they have three more dead bodies on their hands?

Cast Bios For Unwanted Guests

Actress Kate Mansi (IMDB)

“Kate Mansi grew up in Southern California as the middle child of a large Italian/Irish family. Mansi trained as a dancer from a very young age both in NY and LA. In 2007 she placed second in the National Womack Speech competition and the following year she traveled to the Dominican Republic and Haiti to volunteer with Orphanage Outreach. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Pepperdine, Kate focused solely on her acting career and appeared on several TV shows including ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ Mansi’s current work can be seen in several national commercials and print ads as well as on Days of our Lives where she has been a series regular since 2010.”

Actor Ted King (FamousBirthdays)

“Ted King had one of his first roles in a 1985 television movie called The Midnight Hour. He is known for playing the role of Andy Trudeau in the television series Charmed from 1998 until 1999. He also played the recurring role of Tomas Degado on the soap opera One Life to Live from 2011 until 2013. He married Maya Rodwell in 2008, and they became parents to two children.”

Lifetime’s Unwanted Guest is distributed by MarVista Entertainment, which has been a major player in the world of television movies since its founding in 2003. Several of Marvista’s feature films have debuted on the Lifetime and Hallmark channels this year including– My Stepdaughter, Sorority Nightmare, which recently aired on Lifetime, along with Hallmark’s A Time To Dance and Summer Villa.

According to Serial Scoop, Kate Mansi and Days Of Our Lives fans can tune into Unwanted Guest this Saturday, August 27 at 8 p.m, on the Lifetime Channel.

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