Bernie Sanders Is Next In Line

Let it be known — if Tim Kaine or Joe Biden are nominated in place of Hillary Clinton, there should be unmitigated and furious indignation and outrage.

There will never have been a more appropriate place for world-changing anger and meaningful peaceful dissent if this should occur.

Outrage is the only sane response to 13 million votes being trashed, and the entitled smarmy and pompous strains of the establishment press chiding “Oh you silly things, you thought you could elect someone you wanted? Don’t make me laugh! Haw haw haw.”

I’m saying this because we’re being prepped. All the signs are there. Tweets are going out suggesting Biden and/or Kaine as if they are legitimate alternatives.

They are not legitimate alternatives. They have not been popularly elected, they were not included in the primary process, they have not been under the scrutiny of the press or the public, they did nothing to demonstrate that they are the choice of the people. Because they aren’t. Not one vote went their way.

Not to mention that every rule and point of order in the Democrats’ Charter points to Bernie Sanders being the party’s choice by dint of its own regulations.

And in Tim Kaine’s case, we only have seven weeks to find out who this schlepp even is. We know next to nothing about him, and what we do know is terrifying; he’s been a Wall Street schmoozer, a TPP championer, and an enabler of fracking among other things. When Hillary nominated him, the joke went round that she nominated him because by comparison, he made her look like an establishment-smashing lefty.

As the nominee, you have the privilege of choosing a running mate. You do not have the privilege of choosing the next-in-line nominee.

My big fear is that the Bernie people have been so used and abused this past year, that there is every danger we will just let our cynicism protect us from the justified outrage we should be feeling over the stealing of our own party from before our very eyes.

We were inundated with this grief when it was revealed that the DNC had colluded with Hillary Clinton to hand her the nomination.

But if this were to happen, it just might be too much to process. There is only so much terror you can feel when faced with the horrifying truth that your illusion of democracy has been shattered and you are virtually helpless to stop the planet from being run by climate-devastating war and oil interests. We are watching a coup on American democracy, and the ramifications are planet-wide.

We need to gather our chops and face this potential new devastating assault on democracy with terrifying establishment-shaking wrath.

If they get away with this, then they’ve sewn it up. What we learnt through the primaries was that we only had an illusion of democracy. When your abuser doesn’t even feel like he has to pretend you have any free will anymore, you can consider yourself imprisoned for good.

We cannot let that happen.

Let it be written, if the DNC nominates anyone instead of Bernie Sanders, the closely run second in a hotly-contested and unfairly weighted democratic process, the man who did not officially hand over his delegates to Hillary Clinton at the convention and therefore retains them, if they ignore due process altogether and install their own puppet-head noddy boy to do their bidding, then we can consider democracy officially dead in America.

There will not even be a pretence of it anymore.

“Election fraud” doesn’t even cover it, because the results of the whole election would be being totally ignored. This is by far a bigger crime on democracy than simple election fraud. This is a whole other realm.

A popularly-elected president has to be elected, by popularity. See how that works?

Bernie Sanders is the only democratic choice. The only choice. Any other choice will receive a resounding and wrathful “No!” from the American people. And rightfully so too. How dare they take such liberties with liberty!

If Biden or Kaine gets it, that would be an outrageous assault on the democratic process. Bernie Sanders is the democratically elected presumptive successor. End of story.

Hear us now, DNC. Step carefully.

[Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

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