Better BillShrink, an easy idea for a startup

New financial management site BillShrink has launched, promising to help users find better ways of managing their credit cards, backed with $1 million from Bessemer Venture Partners.

While the aesthetics are pleasing, Leslie Poston at Mashable isn’t hot on the service, and you can read her review here, but we thought we’d suggest another startup idea.

Introducing Better BillShrink.

(feel free to copy the idea, although if you turn it in to a startup, we want some equity :-) ).

Here’s how it works

ZOMG I’ve got credit card debt. What do you recommended?

But the interwebs, how am I suppose to buy things online?

But I can’t afford to pay off my existing cards!

What about that shiny new gadget I want now but can’t afford?

Disclosure: this post does not equate to formal financial advice, nor am I licensed to give it. Consult with a financial specialist, psychiatrist, or Poker professional for better advice.