'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Negan To Kill Glenn & Maggie In Season 7?

The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres in October, but fans are still scouring the internet for answers to that big Season 6 finale cliffhanger. It seems everyone is dying to know who Negan killed with his trusty bat Lucille in the final episode of Season 6. Rumors have been flying about the possible victims, but nothing has been confirmed by AMC yet.

According to Zap 2 It, there has been serious speculation that Glenn Rhee will be the unlucky victim. As many Walking Dead fans know, Glenn is the character who dies at the hands of Negan in the comic book series. However, the TV show has a history of switching up character deaths to keep fans on their toes. This fact has left many fans hoping that Glenn's life will be saved after all.

Unfortunately, all signs are pointing to Glenn being the victim. The Walking Dead fan site, The Spoiling Dead, has revealed that actor Steven Yeun, who portrays Glenn on the show, has only filmed one episode this season. This certainly hints that Glenn will be killed in the Season 7 premiere, but will he be the only one?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, executive producer, Greg Nicotero, recently dished some information on Season 7, and might have accidentally leaked a huge spoiler. In the interview, Greg talks about the reason behind the big cliffhanger in Season 6.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Negan to kill Glenn and Maggie in Season 7 premiere?
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"If we would have shown the deaths, then they wouldn't have felt our characters in Season 7 the way they need to."
Fans immediately noticed that Nicotero used the world "deaths" in the interview. This could confirm a huge fan theory that more than one of the main characters will die in Season 7. While the two main candidates were Glenn and Abraham, it seems that all the characters are back on the chopping block. New theories claims that Glenn's wife Maggie may actually be the one to die alongside him.

While Abraham is still the favorite to be killed with Glenn in The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, mostly due to actor Michael Cudlitz's absence from set, fans may be shocked when the episode actually airs. Could Maggie really be the other character to die?

As Walking Dead viewers know, Maggie has basically lost everyone she loves. Her mother died, and her step-mother and brother were infected early on, leaving her with her father Hershel and sister Beth. Hershel was shockingly killed when The Governor beheaded him at the prison, and Beth was shot and killed at Grady Memorial Hospital. The only family Maggie has left is her husband Glenn and her unborn child. If Glenn were to die leaving Maggie behind, it would be a huge game changer for the character. However, if both of them were to be killed by Negan, then fans would likely be stunned.

The Walking Dead: Glenn and Maggie die in Season 7?
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Glenn and Maggie have become the most beloved couple on The Walking Dead, and viewers love seeing their sweet relationship play out on the series. Sadly, the show's motto has always been that "no one is safe," and that means original characters, fan favorites, and possibly even pregnant women could die at any moment.

The show's creator, Robert Kirkman, recently revealed that everyone on the show will eventually die, and that no one can escape it, name dropping the character of Carl in the process.

"I don't play favorites. They all die eventually…Carl."
It looks like The Walking Dead fans will just have to wait to see who dies and what emotional torture is in store for Season 7 when the show returns to AMC on October 23.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers? Do you think Glenn and Maggie will both die?

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