‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Multiple Deaths In Season 7 Premiere Claims Producer

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere is only weeks away, and new spoilers are emerging. Recently, fans have been finding new evidence about who Negan’s victim might be, and one of the biggest hints has come from the show’s executive producer, Greg Nicotero.

According to Comic Book, Greg Nicotero dished some interesting information on The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, and he might have had a slip of the tongue while doing it. It seems that Nicotero may have inadvertently revealed that more than one main character will die in the first episode of the new season. While this rumor has been circulating for months, it might have just been confirmed.

After being asked about the negative fan reaction to the Season 6 finale cliffhanger, where viewers see Negan kill a member of Rick’s group by bashing their head in, but aren’t able to see who that person was, Greg Nicotero dished on the lengths the show had to go to protect the cliffhanger. Greg says they couldn’t show the “deaths” in the finale for the sake of story telling quality.

“If we would have shown the deaths, then they wouldn’t have felt our characters in Season 7 the way they need to.”

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Fans immediately noticed that Nicotero used the word “deaths,” and took that to mean that more than one person will be killed in The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere in October. Sadly, it seems that the two main candidates to die in the first episode are Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford.

As many fans know, Glenn is the character who is killed by Negan in the comic book series. His death is a huge turning point in the story and leaves Maggie to raise their baby on her own. It appears that the TV version of Glenn may be doomed to suffer the same fate. Fans believe Glenn is a goner because actor Steven Yeun, who portrays Glenn on the series, is said to have only been on set to film one episode. This is a clear hint that Glenn is very likely set to die in the premiere.

Meanwhile, Walking Dead fans have been speculating that Abraham will also be exiting with Glenn. Details on how or why Abraham will die haven’t been revealed. However, many viewers believe that Negan will also kill Abe. Perhaps Abraham will try to save Glenn from his terrible fate and Negan will decide to take his life, as well.

Actor Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham on The Walking Dead, has hinted that his character is still alive, but fans aren’t buying it since he’s reportedly only filmed one episode as well. Obviously, the show would try to hide the identity of the victims until the episode airs. Cudlitz could be using the same misdirection tactic that Kit Harrington used when his character, Jon Snow, was thought to be killed off Game of Thrones.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a brand new Walking Dead teaser trailer was recently released, and some fans thought they might have seen a glimpse of Abraham alive and well in one of the clips. However, the shot goes by so quickly that it’s nearly impossible to confirm. The character could have easily been Dwight, or even a new character that viewers have yet to meet.

Meanwhile, recent photos from the set of The Walking Dead Season 7 can basically rule out the deaths of characters such as Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Aaron. Other characters such as Carol, Morgan, and Tara have also been spotted on set.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead spoilers for Season 7? Do you think Greg Nicotero may have spoiled the fact that more than one person will die in the premiere on October 23?

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