‘Outlander’ Spoilers: What Fans Can Expect From Claire & Jamie In Season 3

Outlander Season 3 has officially started filming, and new spoilers seem to be rolling in every day. While the premiere date is unknown, there are few things that viewers can expect from Claire and Jamie when new episodes start airing in 2017.

According to TV Guide, Outlander fans won’t be disappointed in Season 3. In fact, it could shape up to be the best season yet. The third season will seemingly revolve mostly around how Claire and Jamie spent their lives apart from one another. Claire in the 20th century and Jamie in the 18th century.

In the Season 2 finale, Claire is seen in her own time remembering the events that happened twenty years earlier when she was forced to leave Scotland and Jamie behind. Claire recounts the events that lead up to her returning to her time through the rocks. After two decades, Claire goes back to Scotland with her daughter, Brianna, for the funeral of Reverend Wakefield.

While in Scotland, Claire revisits some special places such as the standing stones, Jamie’s former home, and the area where the Battle of Culloden took place. Claire, believing Jamie died in battle, is forced to tell Brianna about her past and her real father when she comes asking questions. In the end, Claire finds out that Jamie did not die in battle, and wants to return through the stones to reunite with him.

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In Season 3 of Outlander fans will likely get to see that reunion. However, there will be so much more for viewers to sink their teeth into. Flashbacks will reveal how Claire and Jamie spent their time apart. Claire’s life with Frank will be detailed. In the book series, Claire becomes a doctor, and her marriage to Frank is in shambles before he tragically dies in a car accident.

Meanwhile, Jamie survives the Battle of Culloden and is forced into hiding. Jamie lives a sad life before marrying Leary, the woman who had Claire tried as a witch in Season 1. Jamie begins to rebuild his life, but never forgets his time with Claire.

When Outlander fans finally see Claire and Jamie reunite it will be an emotional and slightly awkward reunion. In the third book of the series, titled Voyager, Claire returns to Jamie, who can’t believe she’s really standing in front of him. It has been twenty years since they’ve laid eyes on each other. However, in that time they’ve both changed. They’re older and have grown into different people. They will awkwardly try to rekindle the heat and spark they once had. Unfortunately, Claire will be devastated when she learns that Jamie married Leary in her absence.

In addition to Claire and Jamie’s epic love story, Outlander fans will meet a new character in Season 3. Lord John Grey, who is one of the biggest characters in the series, will make his debut. Actor David Berry has been cast in the role of the man whom Jamie meets in prison.

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Recently, Starz has been teasing fans with behind the scenes videos and photos from the Outlander Season 3 set. In the teasers, actor Sam Heughan is seen seemingly filming the Battle of Culloden. In one photo his clothes are dirty and his face is bloody. In another clip, Sam welcomes everyone back for the first day of filming.

It looks like Outlander fans will be on an emotional roller coaster along with Claire and Jamie in Season 3. The new season is said to closely follow the book, and fans are so excited to see the story play out on television.

What are your thoughts on the latest Outlander spoilers for Season 3? What are you most looking forward to seeing in the new episodes?

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