Jordan Altamirano: ‘Frustrated’ Boyfriend Killed 4-Year-Old, Police Say — Mom Now Arrested In Horrifying Child Murder

A 23-year-old pregnant mom of four, Celeste Altamirano of San Antonio, Texas, finds herself under arrest Thursday, charged in connection with the horrifying death of her own 4-year-old son, Jordan Altamirano — a tragedy that police say was the doing of the mom’s 21-year-old boyfriend, Ricardo Hernandez, according to a report by WOAI TV News in San Antonio.

After little Jordan died on August 20, Hernandez posted a lengthy stream of Facebook status updates in which he expressed heartbreak and deep sorrow over the passing of the boy he called his “son” — though Hernandez was not Jordan’s biological father — and his “lil man.”


In another Facebook post, Hernandez lamented that Jordan “didn’t even get to wear his new shoes for school.”

“He started school tomorrow. Out of everybody why him Lord. We need him plz bring him back,” he wrote.

But one day after that, San Antonio Police took Hernandez into custody and charged him with capital murder. Ricardo Hernandez now faces the possibility of life in prison, or even the death penalty, according to a report by the My San Antonio news site.

Hernandez, police say, lived in the same home as Jordan Altamirano, the child’s mom Celeste, and her three other children. And in fact, he was reportedly responsible for taking care of all four kids while the mom was at work during the day — a responsibility that, according to his statements cited in a police affidavit, simply became too much for him, according to a KSAT TV News report.

The following video report from KSAT contains the most up-to-date details on the Jordan Altamirano murder, including the arrest of the little boy’s mom.

Ricardo Hernandez initially told police and the medical professionals at Children’s Hospital of San Antonio that Jordan seemed congested and had a runny nose. But what later emerged, according to police who say that Hernandez admitted to the crime, was that the boyfriend became “frustrated” with Jordan’s demands for attention and shoved the little boy against a sofa.

The impact of the shove broke Jordan’s back and severed his aorta, the main artery carrying blood pumped from heart to the rest of the human body.

Hernandez told police that he was feeding his own 4-month-old baby, one of the four children living in the home, when Jordan wandered over in tears and needing “attention.”

But Hernandez became enraged, delivering what turned out to be the fatal shove of the little boy, police reported.

The 21-year-old also reportedly told the investigators that he was unhappy with his life and frustrated over his continued unemployment, mounting household bills that were going unpaid and his duties as the caregiver for young children.

“The suspect expressed that he was very frustrated with the things that were going on in his life and allegedly took it out on this small child,” San Antonio police spokesperson Doug Greene told KABB TV News.

As for Celeste Altamirano, the pregnant 23-year-old mom of four, she was arrested on Thursday, nearly three weeks after the death of her son Jordan, and charged with “injury to a child by omission.” In other words, even though she did not physically harm her son and wasn’t even there when the alleged fatal shove took place, her failure to do anything afterward, or to take steps to prevent the alleged child abuse, makes her legally responsible.

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“She had care, custody and control, and the investigators were able to determine based on information they learned after his death that she should have known that this abuse was being suffered,” San Antonio Police Sergeant Jesse Salame said, quoted by WOAI TV.

The penalty faced by Celeste Altamirano in the death of her son Jordan remains unclear, but authorities told KSAT TV that her other three children are safe.

[Images via Bear County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook]

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