Prince Harry Naked Pictures Won’t Draw Complaint From Royal Palace

Prince Harry will not see the same type of aggressive response to naked pictures published from his escapades in Las Vegas as his sister-in-law, reports from the UK state.

While the royal palace has come out swinging against any publication that prints pictures of Kate Middleton topless, taken without her knowledge while on vacation in France, the same has not been true for Prince Harry. Royal officials have said they won’t complain to Britain’s press watchdog about the pictures of Prince Harry partying naked in Las Vegas, The Associated Press reported.

The UK publication The Sun first ran the snapshots last month after they appeared online. Since the initial printing a number of other publications jumped on board, showing Prince Harry playing a game of strip pool.

Prince Harry’s St. James Palace said last week that it won’t pursue a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission, saying that to do so would be a distraction from Harry’s deployment in Afghanistan.

The deployment has already drawn some unwanted attention to Prince Harry. Just hours before his birthday his base was hit by an attack from the Taliban, which claimed the assault was intended to kill Prince Harry.

As the Daily Mail reported, the attack on the heavily fortified Camp Bastion didn’t actually put Prince Harry in any real danger, as he was secured inside the compound. But two US Marines were killed and others were injured.

Though the decision not to pursue complaints for Prince Harry’s naked pictures stand in stark contrast to Kate Middleton’s topless photos, it seems clear that the royal palace would like to see the negative attention from Harry’s poor decisions in Las Vegas to be forgotten as quickly as possible.

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